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Improving Intercultural Interactions

Improving Intercultural Interactions
Modules for Cross-Cultural Training Programs

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Training modules prepared and extensively tested by distinguished professionals in cross-cultural training and research make up this valuable resource for consultants, counselling psychologists and personnel officers. The modules encourage productive and effective intercultural interactions in a variety of settings - business, education and the social and health services.

Each module combines experiential exercises, self-assessment instruments, traditional written teaching material, case studies and/or critical incidents, and addresses: awareness of culture and cultural differences; knowledge necessary for adjustment; and the challenges to people's equilibrium brought about by intercultural experiences. Furthermore, each module provides opportunities to identify and practise skills to assist in people's adjustment.

Richard W Brislin and Tomoko Yoshida
The Content of Cross-Cultural Training
An Introduction

Richard W Brislin
Working Cooperatively with People from Different Cultures
Neal R Goodman
Cross-Cultural Training for the Global Executive
Elaine K Bailey
Gender Relations in the Workplace
Using Approaches from the Field of Cross-Cultural Training

Richard W Brislin
Individualism and Collectivism as the Source of Many Specific Cultural Differences
Kenneth Cushner
Cross-Cultural Training for Adolescents and Professionals Who Work with Youth Exchange Programs
Kenneth Cushner
Preparing Teachers for an Intercultural Context
Neal R Goodman
Intercultural Education at the University Level
Teacher-Student Interaction

Paul Pedersen
International Students and International Student Advisers
Colleen Mullavey-O'Byrne
Intercultural Communication for Health Care Professionals
Colleen Mullavey-O'Byrne
Intercultural Interactions in Welfare Work
Paul Pedersen
Multicultural Counseling
Tomoko Yoshida
Interpersonal versus Noninterpersonal Reality
An Effective Tool Individualists Can Use to Better Understand Collectivists

Ted Singelis
Nonverbal Behavior in Intercultural Interaction
Mark Sawyer and Larry E Smith
Approaching Cultural Crossover in Language Learning
Carolina Freimanis
Training Bilinguals to Interpret in the Community

Richard W. Brislin

Richard Breslin's current research focuses on mentoring, cross-cultural training materials and the experiences of business people on overseas assignments. Brislin reviews submissions for over ten professional journals and five major textbook publishers. He develops materials for use in cross-cultural training programs and is the author of a text in cross-cultural psychology. One of his books, "The Art of Getting Things Done: A Practical Guide to the Use of Power," was a Book of the Month Club selection in 1992. His most recent publication is Intercultural Interactions: A Practical Guide," published by SAGE Publications. More About Author

Tomoko Yoshida

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