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Improving Care in the Nursing Home

Improving Care in the Nursing Home
Comprehensive Reviews of Clinical Research

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Holistic Nursing

August 1993 | 360 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This volume provides systematic reviews of the state of clinical and health services research, in particular patient-care problem areas pertinent to nursing homes. Each chapter defines progress on a specific nursing home clinical problem and provides a critical synthesis and review of research information. Topics covered include: medication use; infection control; pressure ulcers; falls; urinary incontinence; and behavioural problems.
Laurence Z Rubenstein and Darryl Wieland
Clinical Research in the Nursing Home

Catherine Gill, Janet A Howells and Elizabeth H Hoffman
Rehabilitation in the Nursing Facility
Bradley R Williams, John F Thompson and Kenneth V Brummel-Smith
Improving Medication Use in the Nursing Home
Santiago D Toledo et al
Infections and Infection Control
Dan R Berlowitz and Spencer van B Wilking
Pressure Ulcers in the Nursing Home
Joseph G Ouslander and John F Schnelle
Assessment, Treatment, and Management of Urinary Incontinence in the Nursing Home
Cathy Alessi, Karen Linderborn and Cynthia T Henderson
A Review of Research on Common Bowel Problems in the Nursing Home
Adil A Abbasi et al
Nutritional Problems in the Nursing Home Population
Opportunities for Clinical Interventions

Laurence Z Rubenstein and Karen R Josephson
Clinical Research on Falls in the Nursing Home
Bruce Ferrell
The Assessment and Control of Pain in the Nursing Home
James R Mervis, Steven Ganzell and Kenneth Cole
The Management of Depression in the Nursing Home
Jiska Cohen-Mansfield et al
Assessment and Management of Behavior Problems in the Nursing Home
John F Schnelle et al
Managing Nurse Aides to Promote Quality of Care in Nursing Homes

Laurence Z. Rubenstein

Darryl Wieland

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