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Impacts of Racism on White Americans

Impacts of Racism on White Americans

Second Edition

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324 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
What motivates white racism? What effects does racism have on white Americans? The Second Edition of this provocative book reveals that racism remains a pervasive force in American society and that its effects on whites are still misunderstood.

Combining the contributions of sociologists, historians and economists, this new edition contains updated chapters which take account of the developments in American society over the past 15 years. The editors expand on the recommendations they presented in the First Edition, demonstrating clearly the progress made and, more significantly, what remains to be achieved.

Thomas F Pettigrew
Benjamin P Bowser and Raymond G Hunt
Introduction to the Second Edition
James M Jones and Robert T Carter
Racism and White Racial Identity
Merging Realities

Lillian Roybal Rose
White Identity and Counseling White Allies about Racism
Louis Kushnick
The Political Economy of White Racism in the United States
Patrick L Mason
Race and Egalitarian Democracy
The Distributional Consequences of Racial Conflict

Gerald Horne
Race for the Globe
US Foreign Policy and Racial Interests

Walter W Stafford
If We Live in a `Post' Era, Is There a Post-Racism?
Octave Baker
The Managing Diversity Movement
Origins, Status, and Challenges

John P Fernandez
The Impact of Racism on Whites in Corporate America
Robert W Terry
Curse or Blessing for the Elimination of White Racism?

James E Crowfoot and Mark A Chesler
White Men's Roles in Multicultural Coalitions
Benjamin P Bowser and Raymond G Hunt
Afterthoughts and Reflections, from the First Edition
Benjamin P Bowser and Raymond G Hunt
Conclusion to the Second Edition

Raymond G. Hunt

Benjamin Paul Bowser