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I'm Okay Being Me

I'm Okay Being Me
Activities to Promote Self-acceptance and Self-esteem in Young People aged 12 to 18 years

  • Anne Betts - Works in association with schools and the Children's Fund Project, Devon

March 2005 | 88 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
I'm Okay Being Me: Activities to Promote Self-Acceptance and Self-esteem in Young People Aged 12 to 18 Years offers a program to encourage positive self-esteem by recognizing the 'me' in each individual.

Aimed at children aged 12 years and older, this resource supports professionals working with young people who have demonstrated difficulties in achievement and behavior by providing innovative and creative activities and exercises which help to reduce behaviors common in adolescents with low self-esteem. The book includes a companion CD-ROM of related activity sheets and assessment forms.
The B/G Steem Scales
Self-esteem Scale for Males 12-18 Years
Self-esteem Scale for Females 12-18 Years
Score Sheet for 12-18 Years
Score Charts
The Programme: I'm OK Being Me
Using this Programme
Opening Session
Opening Activities
Moving on Activities
Closing Activities

'Teachers comfortable with developmental group-work, and able to adapt material and tailor it to pupils' responses, will find this a valuable resource' - Adrian King, Times Educational Supplement, Special Needs Extra

Anne Betts