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IEP and Section 504 Team Meetings...and the Law

IEP and Section 504 Team Meetings...and the Law

May 2020 | 240 pages | Corwin

Your quick flipbook guide to IEP and 504 meetings

How can educators and administrators best conduct IEP and Section 504 team meetings, ensure parent participation, and build trust while maintaining a legal, efficient, and effective process? This easy-to-read flipbook answers this question and more by providing practical guidance for educational best practices, all while making the language of law easy to read and understand. 

A handy reference guide, this book is designed to be used again and again to practice and refine team meetings—and hopefully take some of the pain out of the process. The flipbook includes:


·         An overview of the purposes and procedures of IEP and 504 meetings

·         A clear delineation of what constitutes a team’s job—and what to avoid

·         Best practices, including language to use and tips to keep meetings on track

·         Helpful do’s and don’ts to facilitate productive and legal meetings that ensure students receive the services                  they need


Numerous bulleted lists, real world examples, and a detailed appendix, including links to case law, make this handbook an invaluable everyday companion for everyone who participates in IEP and 504 meetings.

About the Author
Author’s Acknowledgments
Introduction: You’re kidding! Another law book for educators and parents!
Chapter 1. What is the purpose of an IEP team meeting?
Chapter 2. What is the purpose of a 504 team meeting?
Chapter 3. 10 similarities between IEP and 504 team meetings
Chapter 4. Differences between IEP and 504 meetings
Chapter 5. IEP team meetings: Who, when, where, why, how
Chapter 6. Section 504 team meetings
Chapter 7. Good practices for both types of meetings
Additional Resources
References and Cases

"Miriam Freedman's IEP and Section 504 Team Meetings...and the Law is a valuable resource for school administrators, special education teachers, general education teachers, and parents. She explains laws and regulations in an easy-to-read format with visuals and legal cases to drive home the important issues. Many of the topics covered are ones that IEP Team members debate based on opinions (ie. over-accommodating is not a good thing), not realizing that there is case law to guide their decision-making. "

Jody O'Brien
Director of Student Services, Marlborough Public Schools, MA

"End the confusion after you devour this book. Miriam shares her clear understanding in bite-sized nuggets. Once you are familiar with the Goldilocks conundrum you can avoid the pitfalls. Miriam hits all the areas of confusion and misunderstanding and guides us to clarity using invaluable lists, tips, hints and memorable analogies. You’ll be sharing this information with your teams."

Mary Bevernick
Irvine Unified School District, CA

"This little flip books are loaded with information.  I use them for training, eliciting discussion, guiding practice, and inspiring simplicity in the very complex world of special education.  Miriam has a passion for all that is right (and wrong) with the practice of special education as it relates to the law.  In these books, her insight, knowledge, and practical information are reflected through fact and explanation. The examples provided are clear and easily relatable.  The question/answer format provides a logical roadmap for getting to the why, what, and how of IEPs and 504s."

Anne Delfosse
Executive Director, West Orange County Consortium for Special Education, CA

Miriam Kurtzig Freedman

Passionate to help our public schools be excellent for ALL students, attorney Miriam Kurtzig Freedman works with people who want better schools and helps practitioners move from confusion to confidence when dealing with legal requirements.  Why?  So they can get back to the all-important mission of education! Miriam has authored eight books and had contributed articles to The Wall Street Journal, Education Week, Education Next, the Journal of Law and Education, the University of Chicago Law Review on line, among other publications. She also contributes to A school attorney, Miriam is of counsel to the Boston law firm... More About Author

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