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I See What You Mean

I See What You Mean
Persuasive Business Communication

280 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Practical and innovative, this book will assist students in developing their skills in effective, influential business communication. It is replete with research-based examples, tips and exercises and covers topics such as: customizing messages to different audiences; dealing with angry employers and customers; managing speech anxiety and stage fright; increasing credibility; and creating high-impact presentations.
The Central Leverage Points of Effective Communication
Effective Communication
Symbolically Sharing Your Personal Experience

The Search for Meaning
Symbols Get Meaning from Social Experience

When You're Afraid to Communicate
Understanding Anxiety and Fear

Managing Speech Anxiety
Action Steps You Can Take

First, People Must Believe You
Managing Your Credibility

Oral Communication
The Words You Say Are Less than 10% of the Message

Strategies for Developing Messages
What You're Going to Say

Strategies for Formatting Presentations
How You Say It

Message Delivery
Performing the Presentation

Visual Tools for Presentation
Writing Memos with High Communication Factor
Writing Reports with High Communication Factor
Writing with High Communication Factor
Becoming the Great Communicator
Some Special Words to Participants in Dr Whalen's Effective Communication Classes and Workshops

A Message to DePaul Kellstadt Graduate School of Business Students
Effective Communication (KGSB 499)


D . Joel Whalen

Joel Whalen is Academic Director of the Kellstadt Center Sales Leadership Program at Chicago's DePaul University (since 1986). He is an Associate Professor of Marketing and holds a Ph.D. in Marketing Com­munications (Florida State University ‘86). Dr. Whalen has been listed by Who's Who in America and Men of Distinction, Cambridge, England. He is a Sales and Sales Management Fellow of the American Marketing Association. The Ernst & Young Entrepreneurship Foundation named him Entrepreneur of the Year, and he is a member of the Entrepreneur Hall of Fame. Joel has received numerous awards for outstanding teaching.   After 10... More About Author