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I See What You Mean

I See What You Mean
Persuasive Business Communication

First Edition

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Business Communication

September 1996 | 272 pages | SAGE Response
To compete effectively for scarce and shrinking resources, managers need to have superior and persuasive communication skills. They need to know how to package their ideas into high-impact presentations. This innovative book provide simple, straightforward and practical approaches to effective business communication. A happy marriage of the best nuggets of scientific knowledge and `street-smarts`,this power-packed guide tells you how to successfully:-Create a high-impact presentation in five minutes-Manage speech anxiety/stage fright-Customize your message for different audiences-Increase your credibility.

The Central Leverage Points of Effective Communication

Symbolically Sharing Your Personal Experience

The Search for Meaning

When You`re Afraid to Communicate

Managing Speech Anxiety

Managing Your Credibility

Oral Communication

Strategies for Developing Messages

Strategies for Formatting Presentations

Message Delivery

Visual Tools for Presentation

Writing Memos with High Communication Factor

Writing Reports with High Communication Factor

Writing with High Communication Factor

Becoming the Great Communicator

Effective Communication





D. Joel Whalen

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ISBN: 9788170365884