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Hybrid Politics

Hybrid Politics
Media and Participation

August 2016 | 144 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Hybrid Politics examines the combinations and competitions between older and newer media technologies, practices, actors, contents and logics, by exploring their potential and practical implications in terms of political participation.

In this Swift, Laura Iannelli analyses the 'hybridity' of politics in democratic societies from a multidisciplinary perspective, identifying the diverse forms of power and political participation that coexist within the contemporary complex media sphere, and which influence participation in the spheres of institutionalised and protest politics.

Building upon renowned global research and original case studies, the book proposes an innovative and challenging analytic strategy to understand, explain, and problematise the contemporary complexity of political participation and communication. 

Chapter 1. Hybrid Research on Media and Political Participation
Media and Participation

Modern Media and Democratic Participation in Political Communication Research

Modern Media, Public Spheres, and Perfomative Publics

Alternative and Activist Media

Internet Studies and Political Participation

Beyond the Single-Medium Approach

Chapter 2. Hybrid Media and Political Participation
Media Ecologies, Remediation, Polymedia, Mediamorphosis

Hybrid Media Logics in Political Communication Research

The Power of Publics between Convergent Cultural Practices and Spreadable Media Contents

Media-reflexive Activism

Research Challenges

Chapter 3. Hybrid Media Participation: Tweeting TV Politics and Pop Protests
An Emerging Body of Research

Performative Publics Tweeting TV Politics

Pop Protests: Spreadable Hybrid Genres of Political Struggle


Laura Iannelli

Laura Iannelli is Lecturer of Sociology of Culture and Communication. She received her Ph.D. in Theory and Social Research from Sapienza University in Rome. Since 2011 she has been teaching ‘Political Communication and Participation’ at the University of Sassari in Sardinia (Italy). In 2014, she was Visiting Scholar at City University London and the University of Leicester. Her primary research focuses on communication processes and political participation. In 2013, she began coordinating a two-year interdisciplinary research project on contemporary public art, activism and performative citizenship, funded by the Region of Sardinia. In... More About Author

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