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Humanitarian Intervention

Humanitarian Intervention

Four Volume Set
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The debates surrounding humanitarian intervention and the responsibility to protect concern a series of central and interrelated issues in International Relations, international law, and political philosophy. These include the relationship between state sovereignty and human rights, the reasons for state behaviour, the role and adequacy of the United Nations, and whether states have a moral and legal obligation to protect those beyond their borders. This major work provides a detailed and systematic understanding of these political, legal, and ethical debates surrounding humanitarian intervention and responsibility to protect as they have evolved since the 1990s. Divided thematically, Volume I considers more closely the politics of humanitarian intervention, Volume II focuses on the international law on humanitarian intervention, Volume III considers the ethical issues, and Volume IV focuses explicitly on the responsibility to protect doctrine. This Major Work is designed to be a key reference for those interested in humanitarian intervention and the responsibility to protect from a wide range of fields, including International Relations, political science, international law, and political philosophy.

Volume One: The Politics of Humanitarian Intervention

Volume Two: The International law on Humanitarian Intervention

Volume Three: The Ethical Issues Surrounding Humanitarian Intervention

Volume Four: The Responsibility to Protect and Humanitarian Intervention

Nicolas Wheeler
Pluralist or Solidarist Conceptions of International Society: Bull and Vincent on Humanitarian Intervention
Adam Roberts
Humanitarian War
Military Intervention and Human Rights

Martha Finnemore
The Culture of National Security
Norms and Identity in World Politics

Nicholas Wheeler
Saving Strangers
Humanitarian Intervention in International Society

Nicholas Wheeler and Tim Dunne
East Timor and the New Humanitarian Interventionism
Mohammed Ayoob
Humanitarian Intervention and State Sovereignty
Neil MacFarlane, Carolin Thielking and Thomas Weiss
The Responsibility to Protect
Is Anyone Interested in Humanitarian Intervention?

Thomas Weiss
The Sunset of Humanitarian Intervention? The Responsibility to Protect in a Uni-Polar Era
Jennifer M. Welsh
Authorizing Humanitarian Intervention
Touko Piiparinen
The Lessons of Darfur for the Future of Humanitarian Intervention
Adam Roberts
Proposals for U.N. Standing Forces
A Critical History

Andrew Cottey
Beyond Humanitarian Intervention
The New Politics of Peacekeeping and Intervention

Alan Kuperman
Moral Hazard of Humanitarian Intervention
Lessons from the Balkans

Alex Bellamy and Paul Williams
The New Politics of Protection? Côte d'Ivoire, Libya and the Responsibility to Protect
Alex Bellamy and Paul Williams
On the Limits of Moral Hazard
The 'Responsibility to Protect', Armed Conflict and Mass Atrocities

Bruno Simma
NATO, the U.N. and the Use of Force
Legal Aspects

Allen Buchanan
From Nuremberg to Kosovo
The Morality of Illegal International Legal Reform

Simon Chesterman
Just War or Just Peace? Humanitarian Intervention and International Law
Michael Byers and Simon Chesterman
Changing the Rules about Rules? Unilateral Humanitarian Intervention and the Future of International Law
Fernando Tesón
Humanitarian Intervention
An Inquiry into Law and Morality

Thomas M. Franck
Legality and Legitimacy in Humanitarian Intervention
Ryan Goodman
Humanitarian Intervention and Pretexts for War
Carsten Stahn
Responsibility to Protect
Political Rhetoric or Emerging Legal Norm?

Louise Arbour
The Responsibility to Protect as a Duty of Care in International Law and Practice
Jutta Brunnée and Stephen J. Toope
The Responsibility to Protect and the Use of Force
Building Legality?

Ian Hurd
Is Humanitarian Intervention Legal? The Rule of Law in an Incoherent World
Luke Glanville
The Responsibility to Protect beyond Borders
Thomas Pogge
An Institutional Approach to Humanitarian Intervention
Mona Fixdal and Dan Smith
Humanitarian Intervention and Just War
Allen Buchanan
The Internal Legitimacy of Humanitarian Intervention
Martin Cook
'Immaculate War'
Constraints on Humanitarian Intervention

John Lango
Is Armed Humanitarian Intervention to Stop Mass Killing Morally Obligatory?
Michael Walzer
The Argument about Humanitarian Intervention
Lucas George R. Jr
From jus ad bellum to jus ad pacem
Re-thinking Just-War Criteria for the Use of Military Force for Humanitarian Ends

Kenneth Roth
War in Iraq
Not a Humanitarian Intervention

Eric A. Heinze
Common-Sense Morality and the Consequentialist Ethics of Humanitarian Intervention
Fernando Tesón
Ending Tyranny in Iraq
Fernando Tesón
Eight Principles for Humanitarian Intervention
David Miller
The Responsibility to Protect Human Rights
James Pattison
Whose Responsibility to Protect? The Duties of Humanitarian Intervention
Jeff McMahan
Humanitarian Intervention, Consent and Proportionality
Dan Bulley
The Politics of Ethical Foreign Policy
A Responsibility to Protect Whom?

International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty
The Responsibility to Protect
Report of the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty

Henry Shue
Limiting Sovereignty
Alex Bellamy
Whither the Responsibility to Protect? Humanitarian Intervention and the 2005 World Summit
Alex de Waal
Darfur and the Failure of the Responsibility to Protect
Alex Bellamy
The Responsibility to Protect and the Problem of Military Intervention
Gareth Evans
The Responsibility to Protect
An Idea Whose Time Has Come… and Gone?

Ban Ki-moon
Implementing the Responsibility to Protect
From Idea to Norm - and Action?

David Chandler
Unravelling the Paradox of 'the Responsibility to Protect'
Alex Bellamy
The Responsibility to Protect - Five Years on
Edward Luck
The Responsibility to Protect
Growing Pains or Early Promise?

Eli Stamnes
The Responsibility to Protect
Integrating Gender Perspectives into Policies and Practices

Luke Glanville
The Antecedents of 'Sovereignty as Responsibility'
Aidan Hehir
The Responsibility to Protect in International Political Discourse
Encouraging Statement of Intent or Illusory Platitudes?

Edward Luck
The Responsibility to Protect
The First Decade

Ban Ki-moon
Responsibility to Protect
Timely and Decisive Response


James Pattison