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Human Security

Human Security

Four Volume Set
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Human security is understood as a response to the proliferation of new security threats which fit awkwardly within the relatively narrow confines of the traditional, state-centric national security paradigm. Human Security is a field of study that has emerged over the last 20 years. It is a sub-section of security studies but encompass a diverse range of academic disciplines and policy discourses (development studies, international relations, environmental studies, public health, economics, gender issues, human rights and foreign policy). It is also increasingly being adopted by policy-makers from individual nation states (Canada and Japan), bodies (European Union and the African Union) as well as institutionalized by the United Nations, and used by non-state actors in such as NGOs and the corporate sector. This volume serves as a valuable compilation of a disparate discourse, and a core reference for scholars and practitioners in a wide range of fields.

Volume One: Concept and Critique

Volume Two : As Critical Theory

Volume Three: Policy and Advocacy

Volume Four: Methodologies and Tools

Emma Rothschild
What Is Security?
Jessica Tuchman Mathews
Redefining Security
Sadako Ogata and Johan Cels
Human Security
Protecting and Empowering the People

Sabina Alkire
Conceptual Framework for Human Security
Lloyd Axworthy
Global Insights
Human Security and Global Governance: Putting People First

David Baldwin
Security Studies and the End of the Cold War
Pauline Ewan
Deepening the Human Security Debate
Beyond the Politics of Conceptual Clarification

Des Gasper
Securing Humanity
Situating 'Human Security' as Concept and Discourse

Helga Haftendorn
The Security Puzzle
Theory-Building and Discipline-Building in International Security

Dan Henk
Human Security
Relevance and Implications

Yuen Foong Khong
Human Security
A Shotgun Approach to Alleviating Human Misery?

Gerd Oberlietner
Human Security
A Challenge to International Law?

J. Peter Burgess and Taylor Owen
Editors' Note
Ramesh Thakur
A Political Worldview
Lloyd Axworthy
A New Scientific Field and Policy Lens
Fen Osler Hampson
A Concept in Need of a Global Policy Response
Don Hubert
An Idea That Works in Practice
Peter Uvin
A Field of Overlaps and Interactions
Caroline Thomas
A Bridge between the Interconnected Challenges Confronting the World
Jennifer Leaning
Psychosocial Well-Being over Time
Amitav Acharya
An Holistic Paradigm
Kyle Grayson
A Challenge to the Power over Knowledge of Traditional Security Studies
Edward Newman
A Normatively Attractive but Analytically Weak Concept
Sabina Alkire
A Vital Core That Must Be Treated with the Same Gravitas as Traditional Security Threats
Kanti Bajpai
An Expression of Threats versus Capabilities across Time and Space
Donna Winslow and Thomas Hylland Eriksen
A Broad Concept That Encourages Interdisciplinary Thinking
P.H. Liotta
A Concept in Search of Relevance
Paul Evans
A Concept Still on the Margins, but Evolving from Its Asian Roots
Astri Suhrke
A Stalled Initiative
Andrew Mack
A Signifier of Shared Values
Keith Krause
The Key to a Powerful Agenda, if Properly Delimited
S. Neil Macfarlane
A Useful Concept That Risks Losing Its Political Salience
Barry Buzan
A Reductionist, Idealistic Notion That Adds Little Analytical Value
Roland Paris
Still an Inscrutable Concept
Taylor Owen
Human Security
Conflict, Critique and Consensus: Colloquium Remarks and a Proposal for a Threshold-Based Definition

Amartya Sen
Global Inequality and Human Security
Caroline Thomas
Global Governance, Development and Human Security
Exploring the Links

Des Gasper
The Idea of Human Security
Roland Paris
Human Security
Paradigm Shift or Hot Air?

Human Development Report (United Nations Development Program)
New Dimensions of Human Security
Neil MacFarlane and Yuen Foong Khong
Human Security and the United Nations
Mary Kaldor and Mary Martin Sabine Selchow
Human Security
A New Strategic Narrative for Europe

Amitav Acharya
Human Security
East versus West

Ryerson Christie
Critical Voices and Human Security
To Endure, to Engage or to Critique?

Annick Wibben
Human Security
Toward an Opening

William Bain
The Tyranny of Benevolence
National Security, Human Security and the Practice of Statecraft

Mary-Jane Fox
Girl Soldiers
Human Security and Gendered Insecurity

Des Gasper
The Human and the Social
A Comparison of the Discourses of Human Development, Human Security and Social Quality

Gunhild Hoogensen and Kirsti Stuvøy
Gender, Resistance and Human Security
Ralph Pettman
Human Security as Global Security
Reconceptualizing Strategic Studies

Kyle Grayson
Human Security as Power/Knowledge
The Bio-Politics of a Definitional Debate

Heidi Hudson
'Doing' Security as though Humans Matter
A Feminist Perspective on Gender and the Politics of Human Security

Edward Newman
Critical Human Security Studies
Thanh-Dam Truong
Human Security and the Governmentality of Neo-liberal Mobility
A Feminist Perspective

Kyle Grayson
Human Security, Neo-Liberalism and Corporate Social Responsibility
Miguel De Larrinaga and Marc Doucet
Sovereign Power and the Bio-Politics of Human Security
Ikechi Mgbeoji
The Civilized Self and the Barbaric Other
Imperial Delusions of Order and the Challenges of Human Security

Pinar Bilgin
Individual and Societal Dimensions of Security
Keith Krause
Critical Theory and Security Studies
The Research Programme of 'Critical Security Studies'

Earl Conteh-Morgan
Globalization and Human Security
A Neo-Gramscian Perspective

Edward Newman
Human Security and Constructivism
Mohammad Nuruzzaman
Paradigms in Conflict
The Contested Claims of Human Security Critical Theory and Feminism

David Chandler
Review Essay
Human Security: The Dog That Didn't Bark

Taylor Owen
The Critique That Doesn't Bite
A Response to David Chandler's Human Security: The Dog That Didn't Bark

Tara McCormack
Power and Agency in the Human Security Framework
Melissa Curley
Human Security's Future in Regional Co-Operation and Governance?
M. Duffield and N. Waddell
Securing Humans in a Dangerous World
Bert Edström
Japan's Foreign Policy and Human Security
Fen Osler Hampson and Dean Oliver
Pulpit Diplomacy
A Critical Assessment of the Axworthy Doctrine

Richard Jolly and Deepayan Basu Ray
Human Security
National Perspectives and Global Agendas: Insights from National Human Development Reports

Pauline Kerr, Williem Tow and Marianne Hanson
The Utility of the Human Security Agenda for Policy Makers
George MacLean
Instituting and Projecting Human Security
A Canadian Perspective

Janne Haaland Matlary
Much Ado about Little
The European Union and Human Security

Mary Martin and Taylor Owen
The Second Generation of Human Security
Lessons from the United Nations and European Union Experience

Nicholas Thomas and William Tow
The Utility of Human Security
Sovereignty and Humanitarian Intervention

Jide Martyns Okeke
Humanitarianism and Human Security in a Post-9/11 World
Sorpong Peou
Collaborative Human Security? The United Nations and Other Actors in Cambodia
Astrid Suhrke
Human Security and the Interests of States
P.H. Liotta
Boomerang Effect
The Convergence of National and Human Security

David Bosold and Sascha Werthes
Human Security in Practice
Canadian and Japanese Experiences

Marlies Glasius
Human Security from Paradigm Shift to Operationalization
Job Description for a Human Security Worker

Kanti Bajpai
The Idea of Human Security
Peter Brecke
Notes on Developing a Human Security/Insecurity Index
Paz Buttedahl
True Measures of Human Security
Lincoln Chen and Aafje Rietveld
Human Security during Complex Humanitarian Emergencies
Rapid Assessment and Institutional Capabilities

Taylor Owen and O. Slaymaker
Toward Modeling Regionally Specific Human Security Using GIS
Case Study Cambodia

Amartya Sen and Sudhir Anand
Human Development Index
Methodology and Measurement

Jennifer Leaning and Sam Arie
Human Security
A Framework for Analysis in Settings of Crisis and Transition

Gary King and Christopher Murray
Rethinking Human Security
Steve Lonergan
The Index of Human Insecurity
Harvard Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research
Proposal for the Creation of a Human Security Report
Paul Collier and Anke Hoeffler
Data Issues in the Study of Conflict
Sundara Vadlamudi
Architecture for Early Warning at the United Nations Based on Human Security Indicators
Taylor Owen
Measuring Human Security
Methodological Challenges and the Importance of Geographically Referenced Determinants


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