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Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development
Theory and Practice

First Edition

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Human Resource Development

April 2011 | 264 pages | SAGE South Asia
?The field of Human Resource Development has emerged as one of the most dynamic and multifaceted areas of business and management in recent years. Yet despite the mosaic of topics, debates and approaches, existing textbooks often overlook important emerging topics within the field, and do little justice to the variety of strands involved in the study of HRD.


Human Resource Development: Theory and Practice encourages students and academics out of their comfort zones by offering the first comprehensive overview that encompasses all the constituent components of HRD, allowing the reader to clearly separate concepts within the field and provide a meaningful basis for detailed discussion and debate.


This book serves as a comprehensive introductory text to the field of HRD, as well as an ideal platform for a more in-depth advanced study of the field. It is an invaluable resource for students of HRD, or any reader interested in how HRD can play a major role in oiling the gears of innovation within an organization.

David McGuire
Foundations of Human Resource Development
David McGuire
Assessing the Effectiveness of Training Solutions
David McGuire
Evaluating Training Outcomes
David McGuire
Performance Management and HRD
Peter Cleary
Human Resource Accounting
Robin S Grenier and David McGuire
Creativity and HRD
David McGuire
Adult Learning Theories
Ulla Thøgersen and Kenneth Mølbjerg Jørgensen
Workplace Learning and HRD
Kenneth Mølbjerg Jørgensen
Organizational Learning and HRD
Lars Bo Henriksen et al
Organizational Development and HRD
Kenneth Mølbjerg Jørgensen and Lars Bo Henriksen
Identity and HRD
Kenneth Mølbjerg Jørgensen
Futures and Strategic Learning - Strategy Narrative and Storytelling
David McGuire
Leadership Development
David McGuire
Diversity and HRD
David McGuire
International HRD
David McGuire
Reflections on HRD

The book successfully delivers on its overarching intention, to provide a ‘snapshot of the field, opening up to ... the reader, opportunities and possibilities for further investigation and research’...the diversity of thought, level of abstraction and sophistication in the arguments presented help to keep the book interesting and can only enrich and encourage further dialogue...the variety of topics dealt with, the different styles and orientations of the authors and its general readability make it highly accessible...The main audiences for this book, in my view, are researchers, postgraduate university students, and lecturers...For researchers and HRD educators already familiar with many aspects of HRD, this book will offer a useful resource that one can come back to and will also surface some interesting ideas to hopefully precipitate an urge to explore further and develop the empirical and theoretical base in the field.

Management Learning

This book takes the reader into a journey of visualizing a serious thought since it vivaciously reflects a narrative self-dialogue by authors to overcome the predicament of two intricate yet entwined aspect of the term ‘human resources’...certainly an asset for the researchers in the field of human resource development because of its selective inclusion of some provocative thoughts and classy themes in and around the area of human resources development

South Asian Journal of Management

David McGuire

David McGuire is senior lecturer in human resource development at Edinburgh Napier University. More About Author

Kenneth Molbjerg Jorgensen

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