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Human Relationships

Human Relationships

Fourth Edition
  • Steve Duck - The University of Iowa, USA, Rhetoric Dept, USA, University of Iowa, USA

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Social Psychology

February 2007 | 312 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The Fourth Edition of this highly successful textbook provides a unique and comprehensive introduction to the study and understanding of human relationships. This thoroughly revised edition combines the most recent research from social, personality, and developmental psychology, communication studies, family studies, and sociology with greater interdisciplinarity coverage and emphasis on processes of everyday life. Fresh insights from family studies, developmental psychology, occupational, and organizational psychology also combine to bring new perspectives to this thorough survey of the field.

Thoroughly updated, with new chapters on Relating Difficulty, "small media" technology and relationships, and practical applications, the new edition is responsive to the student demand for insight into their own lives.

Key Features:
  • Try this out: a section in each chapter indicating how the students can apply concepts personally
  • Look for this in the media where students are guided toward concepts as presented by TV and other media
  • Listen to your own conversations which points students to understand topics in terms of their own everyday interactions
  • Keep a journal where students are directed to keep a journal for class discussion reporting on topic-relevant experiences in their daily life
  • Self questions which confront students with a number of questions that invite them to reflect on their own performance of relationships relative to each chapter topic
  • Practical matters directing students to practical application in the broader social world beyond their academic or personal experiences Chapter summaries, already present in the Third Edition, offer improved guided study review
  • Brand new chapter openers providing focus points for note taking when reading the chapter
Human Relationships, Fourth Edition retains a distinctive authorial voice while offering a fully up-to-date and authoritative review of the field and is an invaluable book for all students and professionals who want to understand interpersonal relationships from a wide perspective.
Meaning and Relationships in a Biological and Cultural Context
Attachment and Emotion
Daily Life
The Everyday Conduct and Management of Relationships

Relationships within Other Relationships
Social Networks and Families

Influencing Strangers, Acquaintances and Friends
Technology and the Boundary of Relationships
It's All Geek to Me

The Management of Relationship Difficulty
Some Applications of Relationship Research

Gives a good general overview from a social psychology perspective in case students are in interested.

Dr Fauzia Ahmad
Sociology Department, Goldsmiths, University of London
July 15, 2019

A good resourse to give further insight into the module, building effective relationships

Mrs Evonne Parker
School of education , Blackburn College
December 4, 2012

Chose another text by author, more comprehensive and contemporary.

April 30, 2012

I ordered this book after running a search on the site for 'organisational psychology'. While the book itself is very interesting, providing nice everyday-life examples on complex issues, it is not suitable as a text for organisational psychology students. It may be more suited to a general psychology course, in particular on human relationships. While influenced by organisational psychology, it is not actually on the topic of organisatinoal psychology. It has, nonetheless, provided a number of helpful examples in preparing the course, in particular the section on relationships in the workplace.

Dr Elizabeth Mathews
Humanities, Institute of Technology, Tallaght
February 1, 2011

This is a good text explaining sophisticated ideas in a easy to understand way

Dr Zaheer Hussain
Psychology. Faculty of Education, Health and Sciences, Derby University
December 15, 2010

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Steve Duck

Steve Duck taught in the United Kingdom before taking up the Daniel and Amy Starch Distinguished Research Chair in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Iowa. He has been a professor of communication studies, an adjunct professor of psychology, and a former Dean’s Administrative Fellow and is now Chair of the Rhetoric Department. He has taught interpersonal communication courses, mostly on relationships but also on nonverbal communication, communication in everyday life, construction of identity, communication theory, organizational leadership, and procedures and practices for leaders. More recently, he has taught... More About Author

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