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Human Behavior in the Social Environment

Human Behavior in the Social Environment
A Macro, National, and International Perspective

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December 2009 | 432 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Human Behavior and the Social Environment: A Macro, National, and International Perspective is a textbook for one of the primary courses in the social work curriculum titled Human Behavior in the Social Environment. The course is offered usually over two semesters, with one focusing on micro issues (how the individual develops in relation to their social enviroment on an individual, family, and group level). The second section of the course typically focuses on macro issues pertaining to how an individual is shaped by their social environment by macro issues including social institutions, community, and the government. This book is intended for the second sequence of the course. It takes a unique approach by incorporating international issues of globalization, which has been an emerging issue in social work. Although it takes this unique perspective, it still covers the basics of macro social work on a national level. Other important areas that are not well represented in competing texts includes coverage of rural issues, the impact of hurricane Katrina on social and community resources, human rights and social justice, the increasing impact of increasing rates of incarceration, and a special section focusing on crisis theory.

This book has a number of key selling points. They include:

A broad national and international perspective

A timely approach that examines issues such as rural communities, the impact of disaster on communities, and increasing incarceration rates

Provides special emphasis on human needs and social justice

End of chapter discussion questions

A student glossary

Chapter opening photos

An appendix that includes three additonal higher level macro theories which would make the book applicable to Master's level program

This book will also contain a number of features that are essential for any book to be adopted in a HBSE course. They include:

End of chapter discussion questions

Instructor's manual featuring powerpoint slides and a test bank

Student study site for recommended reading, chapter summaries, and flash cards

Ch 1. Introduction to a Macro Perspective of Human Behavior in the Social Environment
Ch 2. Human Needs and Problems Requiring Responses From Organizations, Institutions, and Communities
Ch 3. Theories to Explain Macro Systems
Ch 4. Major Social Institutions Impacting Human Behaviors: Family and Marriages, Education, and Religion
Ch 5. Major Social Institutions Impacting Human Behaviors: Medicine, Mass Media, and Law
Ch 6. Organizations Affecting Human Behaviors
Ch 7. U.S. urban Communities and Human Behaviors
Ch 8. Rural Communities and Human Behaviors
Ch 9. International Communities and Human Behaviors
About the Author

Global perspective, good examples used, current, theoretical approach is accessible for students

Dr Rena Palloff
School Of Human Services, Capella University
February 16, 2010

Rudolph Alexander

Rudolph Alexander, Jr. is a professor and the Director of the BSSW Program at the Ohio State University. More About Author

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