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HRD, OD, and Institution Building

HRD, OD, and Institution Building
Essays in Memory of Udai Pareek

First Edition
Edited by:
  • T. V. Rao - Chairman, TVRLS, Ahmedabad, India
  • Anil K. Khandelwal - Former Chairman and Managing Director of Bank of Baroda and Dena Bank, India
Critical Acclaim

March 2016 | 480 pages | SAGE Response

Watch T. V. Rao and Anil K. Khandelwal talk about HRD, OD, and Institution Building: Essays in Memory of Udai Pareek

In this book, leaders from both industry and academia recount Dr Pareek’s contributions to HRD, OD, and institution building in India.

Dr Udai Pareek, one of India’s most influential social scientists of yesteryears, has changed the thought process of many organizations and individuals. He was fondly known as the “Father of HRD” in India. In this book, leaders from both industry and academia give their original contributions in extending those of Dr Pareek’s in HRD, OD, and institution building in India. The learnings from their experiences will serve as a valuable guide to leaders in all walks of life ranging from industry to education and social development.

The book showcases Dr Pareek’s contributions to HRD, OD, and institution building through the 
eyes of experts from the industry and academia.

Rolf Lynton
Memoirs from a Professional Twin Brother
I. HRD and OD
Dennyson F. Pereira
My Professional Journey in HRD: Some Reflections
Pradip N. Khandwalla
Towards Creative HR
P. Sethu Madhavan
Some Tradeoffs and Trade Secrets from the Diary of an HR Practitioner
S. Y. Siddiqui
HR as a Catalyst for Change Management
Anil Sachdev, Surabhi Sharma, and Kritvi Kedia
HR Leaders as Change Enablers
Arvind N. Agarwal
HR Professionals as Institution Builders: Some Reflections from Experience
Gopal P. Mahapatra
Multisource Learning as a Critical Variable in Professional Growth: Reflections on My HRD Journey
G. P. Rao
Cross-cultural Diversity: Inclusion Is the Mantra
Rajeshwari Narendran
HR Today: Looking beyond the Faded Glass of Truism
Keith C. D’Souza, Ravindra Dey, and Sheba Mathew
OD Values in Family-managed Businesses in India
Anil K. Khandelwal
Transformation in a Large Organization: How Intangibles Drive Tangibles
D. M. Pestonjee and Naresh N. Mehta
High Performance Work Systems: An Emerging Dimension of Strategic Human Resource Management
S. Ramnarayan
Habitual Mindsets to Mindfulness: Wise Approaches to Change Management
Visty Banaji
Toward Healthier HR
T. V. Rao
Beyond Management: Some Conceptual Contributions of Dr Udai Pareek to the Modern World
Kavil Ramachandran
Institution Building: Experiences, Learnings, and Challenges
V. S. Vyas
Managing an Institution of Excellence: Reflections on My Years as Director of IIMA
Somnath Chattopadhyay
An Ideology Based Institution: Some Values and Dilemmas—An ISABS Experience
Abad Ahmad
Institution Building: Case Study of Development of the University of Delhi’s South Campus
D. Nagabrahmam
The Story of a Management Institute: Institution Building in Retrospect
Indira J. Parikh
Academic Leadership of Universities of Tomorrow
Lalitha Iyer
Values and Beliefs Shaping Transformation in Higher Education
K. K. Verma
Lending Wings: Institution Building for Specially Abled
Ganesh Chella
Consulting and Institution Building as a Journey of Self-discovery
Tejinder Singh Bhogal and Rosemary Viswanath
A Ninth Metaphor: Social Catalysis
Zeb O. Waturuocha
Process Competencies for Social Development Interventions
Paul Siromani
Extension Motivation and Its Applications for Laboratory Education
Varun Arya
Passion for Our Nation: A Blueprint for India of Our Dreams
Inderjit Khanna
Importance of Values in Civil Service
Aquil Busrai
Dilemma of Industry Academia Interface: Will the Twain Ever Meet?
P. Vijayakumar, Mary Jane B. Balasi, and Roland L. Sullivan
Social and Organization Leadership with Whole System Transformation in India
Anil K. Gupta
Grassroots to Global: Sanctuary for Incubating Innovations at/with/for/from Grassroots
Vikas Rai Bhatnagar and Rajen Gupta
Action Research in HRD

T. V. Rao

T. V. Rao is currently the Chairman of T. V. Rao Learning Systems Pvt. Ltd, Ahmedabad. He was a Professor at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) between 1973 and 1994 and, subsequently, Adjunct/Visiting Professor until 2014. He is the Founder President of the National HRD Network (NHRDN), and the First Honorary Director of the Academy of HRD, India. He was also the President of the Indian Society for Applied Behavioral Science (ISABS). Dr Rao has worked as an HRD Advisor to the Reserve Bank of India, has assisted the Administrative Reforms Commission in reviewing the personnel management... More About Author

Anil K. Khandelwal

Anil K. Khandelwal, PhD, is a thought leader, author, international speaker on leadership and governance. An acclaimed authority on HR and leadership in the banking sector, he is a rare transformation leader who moved from HR specialization to the chief executive officer (CEO) position in two large public sector banks (PSBs). He was featured amongst the 100 most powerful CEOs in India by the Economic Times for three consecutive years between 2005 and 2008. Transforming Bank of Baroda (BOB) (2005–2008), in particular, from a staid PSB to one of India’s most valuable international banks won him many awards, including the Asian Banker... More About Author

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