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HR Here and Now

HR Here and Now
The Making of the Quintessential People Champion

First Edition
  • Ganesh Chella - Founder, Totus consulting, Coaching Foundation India Ltd, and Totus HR School
  • Harish Devarajan - Executive Director, Totus HR School
  • V. J. Rao - Executive Director, Totus HR School

April 2018 | 408 pages | SAGE Response

The vision of this book is to engage readers in a debate on how we see HR as a function and profession here and now, how we see the practice and the practitioner. The intent is to reflect on what we are seeing, hearing and experiencing about the function in an inclusive fashion. 

This book offers a practitioner’s take to human resources management as a profession and function keeping in mind the most current and contemporary practices, problems and perspectives in India. The book is meant for young professionals, students and practitioners in the field of HRM. The book truly reflects HRM as it is practiced today with stories of places (organizational case studies) where it is at its best.

Shorn of all theory, this book raises and answers questions such as given the rapid advancement in the profession, should the term HR be redefined?  Why does the quality of the function depend so much on the way it is positioned within the organisation? What shapes a CEO’s attitude towards HR? What are the big demands on HR today and in times to come? How does one advance in HR? Written by practitioners with first-hand HR experience, HR Here and Now is a thought-provoking book set firmly in the Indian context.

Contributing Organisations and Leaders
Part 1- HR Refreshed
Through the Eyes of the Beholder
New Meanings
Evolving Expectations
The Doing, Feeling and Thinking Paradigm
Part 2- Bringing People on Board
Planning in Uncertain Times
Remaining Attractive
Choosing Right
Part 3- Managing People
The Spectrum of Relationships
Learning, the New Way
Beyond Managing Performance
Money and Beyond
Managing the Moments of Truth
Part 4- Management and Leadership Development
Aspirations and Needs
Channelising Aspirations
Institutionalising the Process
Developing Managers and Leaders
Part 5-Making the Organisation Effective
Leading Change
Designing Organisations
Contributing to Leadership Effectiveness
Shaping the Way Organisations Work
Part 6- Managing the Relationship with Employees
Boundaries Redefined
What Really Matters
Towards Progressive Employee Relations
Part 7- The Making of the Quintessential People Champion
Advancing in HR
The Young HR Professional’s Readiness to Serve
The CEO’s Schooling as a People Champion

A refreshing set of real-world experiences with excellent insights on the issues faced by organisations makes this book an essential read for HR professionals. I am sure young HR professionals or those wishing to pursue HR will be fortunate if they have chanced upon this book. The robust experience of the authors comes shining through!

Harsh Goenka,
Chairman, RPG Enterprises

The tragedy of the HR profession is that everyone in the corporate world, be it a junior executive or a CEO, believes that they are ‘HR experts’! This book brings together numerous concepts in a very structured manner, offers pragmatic perspectives and nudges a sense of urgency to address them for corporate excellence. This should convincingly get HR a seat at the table of strategic thrust in corporates. Finally, I have read a book written by three strong HR professionals that makes concepts simple and directions practical. 

Suresh Narayanan,
Chairman and Managing Director, Nestle India Ltd

HR should not just be in service of the business, but at the centre of it—HR should shift from filling the cracks to laying the road. As a function, we look after the greatest asset of the business—our People—and we have the responsibility to better the business and the world. This book helps readers truly understand how to amplify the impact of HR and I highly recommend this to HR and non-HR practitioners alike.

Leena Nair,
Chief Human Resources Officer, Unilever

HR Here and Now is written by HR leaders who have worked across different organisations as HR leaders. They have brought their ideas to shape several students of HR in B-schools and are sought-after advisors to companies. The result is a must-read book to understand the potential of HR in today’s Digital Tsunami.

Abhijit Bhaduri,
Author, Columnist and Leadership Development Coach

The authors have beautifully re-imagined the role of HR team and HR leadership that is needed for an organisation in this age of young employees, competitive talent market, how millennials think about purpose of work and how an organisation’s culture can be the competitive differentiation in today’s world. With pointed examples and case studies from different kinds of organisations ranging from hospitals to technology companies, this book will give good insights to aspiring students and young professionals on what they can expect when they enter into the people function, how the role of HR is transforming into a strategic business function and the mindset they would need for them to be successful in modern organisations.

Girish Mathrubootham,
Founder and CEO, Freshworks Inc.

HR Here and Now is a refreshing perspective on the multiplier effect that human resources plays in building organisational capacity and enabling strategy delivery when combined effectively with individual competence, credibility and selfless service. The authors integrate their decades of experience with emerging trends and case studies for leveraging human capital as a distinct source of business sustainability and competitive advantage. HR Here and Now has valuable insight for all business leaders and HR practitioners.

Sandeep Bakhshi,
MD and CEO, ICICI Prudential Life

Three veterans have created a compelling road map for all those who want to gain sharper and a nuanced insight into people dynamics in contemporary organisations and use the same to unleash the energy of their colleagues and associates. The distilled wisdom of experience and the pragmatism of practitioners come alive in every page.

Santrupt B. Misra,
Chief Executive Officer, Carbon Black Business and Director, Group HR, Aditya Birla Management Corporation Pvt Ltd

The book's exploration of the diversity of topics, the applicability of the perspectives offered and the courage to take on some of the most complex talent challenges of today's times is commendable.

People Matters Magazine

A refreshing set of real world experiences with excellent insights on the issues faced by organisations makes this book an essential read for HR professionals.

Harsh Goenka,
Chairman, RPG Enterprises

This book offer a practitioner’s take on H.R. Management as a profession and function, keeping in mind the most current practices, problems and perspectives in India.


Ganesh Chella

Ganesh Chella has, in a career spanning over three decades, come to be acknowledged for his contributions as a practitioner and thought leader in the field of Organisation Development, Human Resources and Executive Coaching. After a successful corporate career in Human Resources for 16 years, Ganesh founded totus consulting, a strategic HR consulting firm; Coaching Foundation India Limited, a pioneering institution for coaching and leadership development and totus HR School, an HR capability-building institute.He has authored the book Creating a Helping Organisation: 5 Engaging Ways to Promote... More About Author

Harish Devarajan

Harish Devarajan is a Leadership Coach and Consultant. He is known for his vivacious, inspiring style of engaging with people and lives by his personal credo—‘committed to making a positive difference’.An alumnus of XLRI, Jamshedpur, Harish was the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) in Hindustan Unilever. In this role, he led the HR transformation journey for Unilever across 40 countries in Asia, Africa and Australia. He then founded ‘People Unlimited’, a consulting practice that focuses on Organisational and Leadership Effectiveness.Harish has been accredited by the International Coach ... More About Author

V. J. Rao

V. J. Rao, an alumnus of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, has been an operational HR professional for 40 years with experience in a wide range of industries such as engineering, projects, FMCG, IT and ITeS.He was Head of HR of GE’s joint venture in India, Godrej GE Appliances Ltd and later Head of HR of India’s largest IT Company, TCS. He helped TCS obtain a PCMM level-4 rating in 2001, which was a first in the world. He was the Director of the Tata Management Training Centre, headed Tata Administrative Services (TAS) and senior-level recruitment in the Tata Group and was... More About Author

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