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How to Publish Your PhD

How to Publish Your PhD

First Edition

July 2009 | 144 pages | SAGE South Asia
How to Publish Your PhD is the first book to provide students with a comprehensive and authoritative guide to publishing their research.
A wealth of practical information and advice is included on:

- choosing a publisher
- revising your thesis
- putting together a proposal
- surviving the review process
- negotiating a contract
- working with your publisher’s marketing department.

It will be an invaluable resource for students across the broadest range of the humanities and social sciences and for all those teaching and advising them.
The Ever-Changing World of Academic Publishing
Books or Articles?
Revising Your PhD
Choosing a Publisher
Preparing and Presenting a Proposal
Surviving the Reviews
Negotiating a Contract
Marketing yourself and your book
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Every PhD student should buy a copy of How to Publish Your PhD before and not after they enroll for a doctoral degree. Informative, practical and Insightful, Sarah Caro will become the mentor of every successful PhD student. A mine of information and practical advice, this text is the definitive nuts-and-bolts manual on how to do it. A safe and sure guide.

Bryan S Turner
Wellesley College Boston

Sarah Caro has written an enormously helpful and practical guide to one of the most alarming processes that young researchers encounter. She draws on her years of experience to describe with unfailing good sense and good humour the issues, pitfalls and genuine positives that impact on all those who want to write "the book of the thesis". This little book is an immensely valuable resource for all academics, whatever their status, as they contemplate the challenge of publication in an ever-changing technological, commercial and disseminational landscape.

Richard Fisher
Cambridge University Press

The book by Sarah Caro is undoubtedly a good reference point steering the young as well as seasoned scholars towards the academic contribution of the research findings of their doctoral work…Though written with a perspective to guide the doctoral scholars to think in terms of getting their work published, the information and inputs in the book are so useful that they can be of immense help for the beginners and young doctoral scholars.

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