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How to Measure Attitudes

How to Measure Attitudes

Volume: 6
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192 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This edition of How to Measure Attitudes draws on examples from a broader range of disciplines and professions than the first edition. It helps novice evaluators with the difficult task of assessing whether the affective and attitude objectives of a programme have been met. The most commonly used attitude measures are described and sources of existing measurement instruments are listed. If no existing instrument is appropriate, step-by-step instructions are given enabling readers to construct their own. Methods for analysing and reporting attitude data are also included.
An Introduction to the Measurement of Attitudes and Attitude Change
Essential Preliminary Questions
Selecting from Among Alternative Approaches to Collecting Attitude Information
Finding an Existing Measure
Developing Your Own Measures

Developing Your Own Measures
Attitude Rating Scales

Developing Your Own Measures

Developing Your Own Measures
Written Reports

Developing Your Own Measures
Observation Procedures

Developing Your Own Measures
Sociometric Instruments

Validity and Reliability of Attitude Instruments
Summarizing, Analyzing and Displaying the Data

Marlene E. Henerson

Lynn Lyons Morris

Carol T. Fitz-Gibbon

Carol Fitz-Gibbon initiated the A-Level Information System in 1983 and was Director of the Curriculum, Evaluation and Management Centre from 1989-2003 and Professor of Education at Durham from 1996-2003. She has a continuing interest in cross-age tutoring and Reforms as Experiments in an active retirement. More About Author