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How to Get Published

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Do you want to learn more about how to get published? Let us guide you through the process with our new videos, 'Choosing a journal' and 'Submitting your article'.

Video Resources


Video tutorial: Choosing a journal

Looking to get your research published, but not sure where to start? Standards are high and getting published is not easy, but there are certain things you can do to improve your success rate. From selecting a journal, preparing your paper, and surviving the peer review process leading to publication and beyond, allow us to guide you through the key steps of the author journey.


Video tutorial: Submitting your article

After you have thoroughly reviewed and finalized your work, you're ready to share your research paper with your peers in the academic community. Navigating the submission process can seem daunting, but we're here to help.



How to Get Published Guide

Download our guide to getting an article published in a Sage journal. 

How to get published

Author Guide to avoiding fraudulent emails

Download our guide to avoiding fraudulent emails and scams. 

How to Recognise Fraudulent Emails PDF Screenshot

Are you choosing the right journal for your research?

With so many journals to choose from you may need a little guidance…

The Sage Journal Recommender is a search tool that will help you find a journal based on the subject and content of your manuscript. Enter keywords and the title of your manuscript to search over 1,000 Sage journals and compare those most relevant for your research. Search results can be limited to those participating in Sage Path a free-of-charge service for authors which provides expert advice on the Sage journal that is the best fit for your manuscript.

Think, check, submit is a trusted online service with a useful checklist that will help you determine whether you are submitting to the right journal.  If you can answer ‘yes’ to most of their questions then you can be confident that your chosen journal is easily discoverable with a suitable reputation.

Writing and submission

Publication in peer-reviewed journals is a key part of the research process, enabling you to communicate your ideas and findings to the rest of the research community and demonstrate impact within your field. Having a track record of published papers is also important for career development and therefore a crucial step for many doctoral and early career researchers.

Submission guidelines

For specific advice on submitting to your chosen journal, please have a look at the guidelines provided on the relevant journal’s homepage. View all of our journals here.

How to Get Published Webinar

What can I do to increase the chances of having my paper accepted? How long does it take for an article to get published? Who are good contacts to reach out to for more information about my article along the way? How can I play a role in the dissemination of my paper? Our free webinar will guide you through the author journey, from beginning to end. For more information click here.

How to Get Published Course

How to Get Published is a free online course from Sage Campus. Institutions can subscribe to the Sage Campus platform for full access to all 200+ hours of structured online learning, with 50+ new hours coming in 2021, including new courses for researchers looking to get published. Find out more on our website.

Sage Perspectives Blog

Sage Perspectives blog focuses on highlighting topical and interesting research published in Sage books and journals. The blog includes posts from authors across a wide range of subject disciplines and research areas.