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How to Do Your Literature Review

How to Do Your Literature Review

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November 2024 | 312 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This book will walk you through every step of crafting an excellent literature review. It will show you where to find sources, how to assess their quality, and how to combine and integrate these sources into the best possible literature review. From scoping the field to searching the literature to synthesising your findings, this book hits all the spots.

Presenting a clear and detailed roadmap to ensure you don’t miss a step, the book includes:

· Advice on the best ways to scan and search the literature.

· All the latest information and advice on using AI tools for searching literature.

· Case studies and real-life examples from a range of disciplines so you can learn from other researchers who have been in your shoes.

· DIY activities so you can practice your skills and get to grips with key concepts.

· Guidance on how to analyse and synthesise the findings from your literature searches.

· Advice and guidance on organising your writing.

For tutors, each chapter is accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation that will map onto a 10 or 11 week module.

Written in Gary’s signature easy-to-read style, this book is an essential companion for anyone conducting a literature review in the applied social sciences.

Chapter 1: Starting
Chapter 2: Scanning, skimming, saving and storing
Chapter 3: Sources, quality and criticality
Chapter 4: Scoping
Chapter 5: Searching and screening
Chapter 6: Structuring a narrative review
Chapter 7: Systematizing
Chapter 8: Strategising: comparing systematic, realist and narrative reviews
Chapter 9: Synthesising: storyline and theory
Chapter 10: Synthesizing and analysing
Chapter 11: Scribing, concluding and stopping

Gary Thomas

Gary Thomas is an emeritus professor of education at the University of Birmingham. His teaching and research have focused on inclusion, special education, and research methodology in education, with a particular focus on case study. He has conducted research funded by the AHRC, the ESRC, the Nuffield Foundation, the Leverhulme Trust, the Department for Education, Barnardos, local authorities, and a range of other organisations. He has coedited the British Educational Research Journal and is currently an executive editor of Educational Review. He is author of many books, most recently Education: A Very Short Introduction published by Oxford... More About Author

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