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How to Challenge the System and Become a Better Teacher

How to Challenge the System and Become a Better Teacher

  • Scott Buckler - Independent Academic, Teacher, Chartered Psychologist

May 2021 | 176 pages | Corwin UK

This book empowers you to seek a deeper perspective on the education system and to develop as a critically informed teacher able to challenge the status quo appropriately – without losing your job!

It focuses on the need to engage with research, to reflect critically and question your own teaching practice, so you don’t get stuck in bad or ineffective routines and can develop personally and professionally as a confident, versatile educator.

Key topics include:

·        Understanding the pressure points in today’s education system

·        Developing your own educational philosophy

·        Reading and critiquing research to sharpen your thinking

·        How to make change happen

Scott Buckler is a teacher, a Chartered Psychologist and has recently become a Chartered Teacher.

PART 1 Anarchy in Education: Perspectives and Practice
Chapter 1: What is Anarchy?
Chapter 2: An Anarchist Critique of Education
Chapter 3: The Purification of Education – A Quiet Revolution
Chapter 4: Educational Anarchy in Practice
Chapter 5: Philosophy, Values and Visions
Chapter 6: Perspectives on Education
PART 2 The Anarchist Educator: Making the Change
Chapter 7: Reading & Critiquing
Chapter 8: Challenging and Changing the System
Chapter 9: Anarchy in Action
Chapter 10: Ten Guiding Principles for the Educational Anarchist

Really excellent book to encourage critical thinking skills in Masters students.

Dr Heather Macdonald
Education and Children's Services, Chester University
August 1, 2022

Scott Buckler

Scott Buckler has been involved in education since the 1990s, fluctuating between primary teaching, secondary teaching (science, computing, psychology), and universities (education, sport, psychology). From teaching research methods across the expanse of education (from the primary years through to doctorates), Scott has been an advocate of high quality research, through facilitating an open mind while maintaining academic integrity. His research has encompassed many areas, often with the theme of personal and professional growth, through the lens of transpersonal psychology. His PhD thesis was interdisciplinary, combining anthropology and... More About Author

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