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How to Build Your Antiracist Classroom

How to Build Your Antiracist Classroom

May 2023 | 264 pages | Corwin UK

Taking on the pervasive issue of racism within education Badu offers a practical, no-nonsense guide on building an antiracist classroom. This book takes the reader on a journey from examining their own bias and racial literacy, to developing a diverse curriculum and improving the culture, to effecting wider changes across the school. Whether as an ally or recipient of bias in our society; this book will offer educators a guide to all the things we can do in the classroom to effect profound social change. If you seek to disrupt the cycles of systemic inequality that have existed in society and education for decades, this is the book for you.

Orlene Badu is a Leadership & Education Consultant.      

Unconscious Bias
My Racial Literacy Is My Responsibility
The Importance Of Building Relationships As A Behaviour Management System
Building The Right Culture In Your Classroom
Developing a Diverse Curriculum
Culturally Relevant Assessment
Creating A Thriving Mindset- For Every Pupil
Parents As Partners
How Do We Affect Wider Change Across Our School?
My Anti-Racist Classroom- Brick By Brick

Sample Materials & Chapters

Mini Guide - Unconscious Bias

Orlene Badu

Orlene Badu has extensive senior leadership experience and was the head teacher at a diverse primary school in Hackney for seven years. She also completed a secondment as Head of Primary at an all through pupil referral unit. Roles that she was devoted to. She now works on a number of projects across London and the UK including as System Leader for the Young Black Men Project in Hackney, another role she is committed to. She delivers training across both London and nationally and supports and challenges schools to improve the lived experiences and academic outcomes of Young Black Men and children who are thought to be disadvantaged (by the... More About Author

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