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How to Assess Program Implementation

How to Assess Program Implementation

Volume: 5
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December 1987 | 144 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This volume -- the revised edition of How to Measure Program Implementation -- covers the assessment of how a programme design works in practice. It reflects the recent emphasis on qualitative methods, and discusses when qualitative or quantitative methods are more appropriate. The book illustrates that the evaluator's task is not to judge the adequacy of programme implementation, but rather to document, describe, observe or assess by some other means how a programme is implemented. The text has been organized to reflect a natural and logical ordering of the steps of planning, data collection and analysis. References have been updated and examples included from education, business, social services, and other non-profit settings.
Assessing Program Implementation
An Overview

Initial Planning
Deciding What to Measure

Planning for Data Collection
Methods for Assessing Program Implementation
Program Records

Methods for Assessing Program Implementation
Questionnaires and Interviews

Methods for Assessing Program Implementation

Summarizing, Analyzing, and Reporting Your Data

The text is easy to follow and it provides valuable information as it relates to the assessment of social programs.

Miss Monica Imelda Miller
Sociology/Social Work Unit, University of Guyana
August 30, 2015

This text provides an introduction to programme implementation and evaluation. It provides enough information for students and researchers to get started with evaluating healthcare quality and implementation of evidence. It provides some basic information on methods of evaluating which could be augmented for more experienced students who may already have undertaken some evaluation in the course of their work.

Dr Joyce Wilkinson
School of Nursing, Dundee University
September 30, 2010

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Carol T. Fitz-Gibbon

Carol Fitz-Gibbon initiated the A-Level Information System in 1983 and was Director of the Curriculum, Evaluation and Management Centre from 1989-2003 and Professor of Education at Durham from 1996-2003. She has a continuing interest in cross-age tutoring and Reforms as Experiments in an active retirement. More About Author

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