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Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management

Four Volume Set
Edited by:
  • Tom Baum - University of Strathclyde, UK

August 2011 | 1 592 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This major work looks at the evolution of the hospitality industry and hospitality management, with source material drawn from dedicated hospitality books and journals as well as a range of complementary sources in allied discipline areas. The focus is predominately contemporary in recognition of the industry's fast-changing environment, while the historical antecedents, both in terms of the origins of modern hospitality and of key pioneering research work in the area, are also included. These volumes acknowledge the internationalism of the industry and reflects how hospitality and its management vary across time and place.

Volume I: The idea of hospitality – past and present perspectives

Volume II: The hospitality industry – structures, strategies and market

Volume III: The management of people and service in hospitality

Volume IV: Management hospitality's tangible resources – operations, assets and finance

Theory in Hospitality Management

P. Nailon
Defining the Hospitality Discipline: A Discussion of Pedagogical and Research Implications

M. Ottenbacher, M. Harrington and H. Parsa
Towards a Definitive View of the Nature of Hospitality and Hospitality Management

B. Brotherton
Hospitality Studies and Hospitality Management: A Symbiotic Relationship

A. Morrison and K. O'Gorman
Towards a New Interpretation of Hospitality

D. O'Connor
Finding the Hospitality Industry

P. Slattery
Sociological Impressionism in a Hospitality Context

P. Lynch
Modern Hospitality: Lessons from the Past

K.D. O'Gorman
The Idea of Hospitality in Early Modern England

F. Heal
Love thy Neighbour? Differentiation and Agglomeration in the Manhattan Hotel Industry, 1898-1990

J. Baum and H. Haveman
The Blackpool Landlady revisited

J.K. Walton
A Service Machine: Hotel Guests and the Development of an Early Twentieth-Century Building Type

L.P. Davidson
The Hotel and the City

D. McNeill
The Shophouse Hotel: Vernacular Heritage in a Creative City

T.C. Chang and P. Teo
Towards a Theory of Intra-urban Hotel Location

D. Egan and K. Nield
Hospitality Spaces, Hospitable Moments: Consumer Encounters and Affective Experiences in Commercial Settings

P. Lugosi
International Hotel Development

R. Smith
Multinational Corporations in the International Hotel Industry

J. Dunning and M. McQueen
From Globalization to Internationalization to Americanization: The Example of Little Americas in the Hotel Sector

D. Nickson and C. Warhurst
Internationalization of U.S Multinational Hotel Companies: Expansion to Asia versus Europe

S. Lee
Research in Strategic Management in the Hospitality Industry

M. Olsen and A. Roper
Choice between Non-Equity Entry Modes: An Organizational Capability Perspective

M. Krishna Erramilli, S. Agarwal and C. Dev
Stock Market Reactions to Entry Mode Choices of Multinational Hotel Firms

N. Graf
Hotel Management Contracts: Past and Present

J. Deroos
Real Estate Investment Trusts: Performance, Recent Findings, and Future Directions

P. Liu
Hotel Brand Strategy

J. O'Neill and A. Mattila
Post-Merger Stock Performance of Acquiring Hospitality Firms

J. Yang
Hotel Reform in China: A SWOT Analysis

L. Yu and G. Huimin
China's Hotel Industry: Serving a Massive Market

R. Pine
The Future of Small Firms in the Hospitality Industry

A. Morrison and R. Thomas
Economic Impact and Institutional Dynamics of Small Hotels in Tanzania

A. Sharma
A Descriptive Examination of Corporate Governance in the Hospitality Industry

B.D. Guillet and A. Mattila
Going Green: Decisional Factors in Small Hospitality Operations

N. Tzschentke, D. Kirk and P. Lynch
Customer Loyalty: The Future of Hospitality Marketing

S. Shoemaker and R. Lewis
Tourism and Hospitality Marketing: Fantasy, Feeling and Fun

A. Williams
Exploring Chinese Cultural Influences and Hospitality Marketing Relationships

D. Gilbert and J. Tsao
E-mail Marketing by International Hotel Chains: An Industry-Practices Update

P. O'Connor
Down and out in Paris and London

G. Orwell
The Human Dimension: A Review of Human Resources Management Issues in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry

S. Kusluvan, et al
Managing Flexible Working In Hotels

Y. Guerrier and A.J. Lockwood
Gender and Labour Flexibility in Hotel and Catering

P. Bagguley
Transience and the Postmodern Self: The Geographic Mobility of Resort Workers

P.A. Adler and P. Adler
The Valuation of Skill and the Configuration of HRM

M. Riley and E. Szivas
The Social Construction of Skills: A Hospitality Sector Perspective

T. Baum
Food and Beverage Management: A Review of Change

M. Riley
Producing the Superior Self: Strategic Comparison and Symbolic Boundaries Among Luxury Hotel Workers

R. Sherman
Employee Experience of Aesthetic Labour in Retail and Hospitality

C. Warhurst and D. Nickson
The Impact of HRM Practices on Organisational Performance in the Indian Hotel Industry

M. Chand and A. Katou
No Plantation Work Here: Contemporary HR Practices in Caribbean Hotels

A. Crick
Human Resource Systems in Kenya: A Case Study of Hotel Human Resources Performance

F. Onyango and R. Okech
Human Resource Management and Performance in the UK Hotel Industry

K. Hoque
Changing Patterns of HRM and Employment Relations in New Zealand: The Large Hotel Industry

P. Haynes and G. Fryer
Organizational Flexibility and HRM in the Hotel Industry: Evidence from Australia

A. Knox and J. Walsh
Towards an Understanding of Employee Empowerment in Hospitality Services

C. Lashley
The Impact of Hotel Management Contracting on IHRM Practices: Understanding the Bricks and Brains Split

J. Gannon, A. Roper and L. Doherty
Analysing Service Quality in the Hospitality Industry Using the SERVQUAL Model

F. Saleh and C. Ryan
Service Quality in the Hotel Industry: When Cultural Contexts Matter

E. Tse and S.C. Ho
The Role of Culture in the Service Evaluation Process

A. Mattila
Does National Culture Really Matter? Hotel Service Perceptions by Taiwan and American Tourists

A.T. Hsieh and C.W. Tsai
The Role of Internal Branding in the Delivery of Employee Brand Promise

K. Punjaisri and A. Wilson
Operations Management Research in the Hospitality Industry

P. Jones and A. Lockwood
Measuring the Performance of Hotel Operations

C. Parkan
Productivity in Hotels: A Stepwise Data Envelopment Analysis of Hotels' Rooms Division Processes

M. Sigala, et al
The Physical Safety and Security Features of U.S. Hotels

C. Enz
Environmental Management in Hotels

D. Kirk
The Compelling Hard Case for Green Hotel Development

J. Butler
Restaurant Profitability Management: The Evolution of Restaurant Revenue Management

G. Thompson
Hotel Owner/Operator Structures: Implications for Capital Budgeting Process

C. Guilding
Growth Accounting for Hotel and Restaurant Industries

E. Smeral
Attracting Hotel Investment: Insights from Principal-Agent Theory

T. Baum and R. Mudambi
Factors Influencing Hotel Investment Decision-Making

G. Newell and R. Seabrook
Hotel Investment Risk: What Are the Chances?

E. Younes and R. Kett
Impacts of Positive and Negative Corporate Social Responsibility Activities on Company Performance in the Hospitality Industry

K.H. Kang, S. Lee and C. Huh
Improving Hospitality Industry Sales: 25 Years of Revenue Management

C. Anderson and X. Xie
Improving Hotel Budgetary Practice: A Positive Theory Model

T. Jones
An Empirical Analysis of Oligopolistic Hotel Pricing

T. Baum and R. Mudambi
An Institutional Explanation and Model of the Factors Influencing Room Rate Pricing Decisions in the Irish Hotel Industry

R. Mattimoe
Financial Rewards for Social Responsibility: A Mixed Picture for Restaurant Companies

S.Y. Park and S. Lee
Responding to Crisis: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Hotels in Singapore

J. Henderson and A. Ngo

Tom Baum

Tom Baum is Professor in the Department of Human Resource Management at Strathclyde Business School, University of Strathclyde . He is Programme Director of their Executive Masters in Leadership for Hospitality and Tourism, and has published eight books on tourism development, human resources, training and international tourism themes. He has also published and/or presented over 200 papers in international journals in the areas of hospitality and HRM, tourism education and training; hospitality management; tourism development and planning. More About Author