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Hidden Conflict In Organizations

Hidden Conflict In Organizations
Uncovering Behind-the-Scenes Disputes

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Conflict is a persistent fact of organizational life. Much of it, however, rarely becomes public and instead is expressed `behind the scenes' in such forms as avoidance, toleration, gossip and vengence. This book takes examples from a number of organizational settings and makes the case that far from being an occasional occurrence, conflict is embedded in their very fabric. The authors go on to illustrate the frequency of conflict, show how conflicts are actually handled and suggest that these conflicts can be better managed for organizational effectiveness.
Deborah M Kolb and Linda L Putnam
The Dialectics of Disputing

John Van Maanen
Drinking Our Troubles Away
Managing Conflict in a British Police Agency

Deborah M Kolb
Women's Work
Peacemaking in Organizations

Calvin Morrill
The Private Ordering of Professional Relations
Jean M Bartunek and Robin D Reid
The Role of Conflict in a Second Order Change Attempt
Raymond A Friedman
The Culture of Mediation
Private Understandings in the Context of Public Conflict

Joanne Martin
The Suppression of Gender Conflict in Organizations
Frank A Dubinskas
Culture and Conflict
The Cultural Roots of Discord

Jean M Bartunek, Deborah M Kolb and Roy J Lewicki
Bringing Conflict Out from Behind the Scenes
Private, Informal and Nonrational Dimensions of Conflict in Organizations


Deborah M. Kolb

The Program on Negotiations, Harvard. More About Author

Jean M. Bartunek

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