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Hermeneutic Phenomenological Research

Hermeneutic Phenomenological Research
A Practical Guide for Nurse Researchers

May 2000 | 128 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Phenomenological research is a popular method in nursing research. This book introduces hermeneutic phenomenology: the study of how people interpret their lives and derive meaning from their experiences. It includes discussions on site-access, preparation, proposal-writing, ethical issues, data collections, bias reduction, data analysis and research publication.
Marlene Z Cohen
Marlene Z Cohen
Writing the Proposal
Richard H Steeves
How to Start Fieldwork
Marlene Z Cohen
Ethical Issues and Ethical Approval
Richard H Steeves
David L Kahn
How to Conduct Research
Marlene Z Cohen et al
How to Analyze the Data
David L Kahn
Reducing Bias
Richard H Steeves
Writing the Results

Marlene Zichi Cohen

David Leonard Kahn

Richard Harold Steeves

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