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Health Psychology

Health Psychology
Well-Being in a Diverse World

Fifth Edition
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Health Psychology

October 2023 | 544 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
What factors determine healthy behavior? Health Psychology: Well-Being in a Diverse World answers this question by introducing and regularly applying research to stress, coping, interventions and health behaviors in today’s world. Speaking directly to students, Regan A. R. Gurung’s conversational voice guides learners through the key determinants of behavior, such as family, environment, ethnicity, and religion. Each chapter delves into the biological foundations of health, presents interdisciplinary case studies, and integrates personality and social psychological theories, fostering a comprehensive grasp of the subject. Continually asking readers to think further, to synthesize, to analyze, and to apply to improve their own health outcomes as they learn, Gurung empowers students through connections to personal experience. The Fifth Edition offers contemporary reference updates, an expanded focus on intersectional topics across cultures, test yourself practice, and much more.

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Chapter 1. What Is Health? Cultural and Historical Roots
Chapter 2. Doing Health Psychology: Research Methods
Deepti Karkhanis
Chapter 3. Cultural Approaches to Health
Chapter 4. Essential Physiology
Deepti Karkhanis
Chapter 5. Diverse Understandings of Stress
Deepti Karkhanis
Chapter 6. Coping and Social Support
Amanda ElBassiouny
Chapter 7. Why Don’t We Do What We Need To? Models of Behavior Change
Aurora Sherman
Chapter 8. Health Behaviors: Eating, Being Active, Smoking, and Drinking
Amanda ElBassiouny
Chapter 9. Illness Cognitions, Adherence, and Patient–Practitioner Interactions
Amanda ElBassiouny
Chapter 10. Diverse Approaches to Pain
Kathleen Bogart
Chapter 11. Chronic Illness, Terminal Illness, and Death
Melissa Oxlad
Chapter 12. Psychoneuroimmunology and HIV
Melissa Oxlad
Chapter 13. Cancer: Fundamentals and Cultural Variations
Melissa Oxlad
Chapter 14. Cardiovascular Disease: Fundamentals and Cultural Variations
Chapter 15. Controversies and the Future of Health Psychology


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Comprehensive and diverse information - love the eBook format!

Mr Ian Carson
Psychology Dept, Indiana Univ/Purdue Univ At In
December 2, 2023

Regan A. R. Gurung

REGAN A. R. GURUNG is Professor of Psychology and the Associate Vice Provost and Executive Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning at Oregon State University.Born and raised in Bombay, India, Dr. Gurung received a Bachelor of Arts in psychology at Carleton College (Minnesota) and Master of Science (MS) and doctoral (PhD) degrees in social and personality psychology at the University of Washington (Washington State). He followed with 3 years at the University of California, Los Angeles, as a National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) research fellow.His early work focused on social support and close relationships; he studied how... More About Author

Also available as a South Asia Edition.

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