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Health Psychology

Health Psychology
Theory, Research and Practice

Fourth Edition
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May 2015 | 656 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Health Psychology students will need to understand how to evaluate and critically-appraise the latest theory and research before it can be applied. This fully-revised and updated fourth edition takes a critical approach and places Health Psychology in a real-world context, enabling students to understand how public policy, theory and research can influence communities and individuals alike.

The new edition includes:

  • A new chapter on diet and obesity
  • Updated material on stress and coping, doctor-patient communication, death, dying, bereavement and quality of life
  • Introductions to the social, political and economic conditions that influence our health
  • Breadth of coverage from social inequality through to chronic illness and screening
  • An enhanced SAGE edge™ companion website ( with a suite of features to enhance students' learning experience.
Chapter 1: Health psychology: an introduction
Chapter 2: Macro-social influences
Chapter 3: Social justice
Chapter 4: Culture and health
Chapter 5: A-Z of research methods and issues in health psychology
Chapter 6: Sexual health: Theories, models and interventions
Chapter 7: Food, diets and obesity
Chapter 8: Alcohol and drinking
Chapter 9: Tobacco and smoking
Chapter 10: Physical activity and exercise
Chapter 11: Information, communication and health literacy
Chapter 12: Stress and coping
Chapter 13: Screening and Immunization
Chapter 14: Health promotion
Chapter 15: Lay representations of illness
Chapter 16: Illness and personality
Chapter 17: Medicine taking: Adherence and resistance
Chapter 18: Pain and pain control
Chapter 19: Cancer and chronic diseases


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For lecturers:

  • PowerPoint slides featuring figure and tables from the book 
  • A testbank that provides a range of multiple choice and text answers  

For students:

  • Learning Objectives for each chapter
  • Mobile-friendly eFlashcards which strengthen understanding of key terms and concepts
  • Mobile-friendly Interactive quizzes that test the understanding of key chapter concepts
  • Links to videos that offer a new perspective on the material covered in the book

Very detailed and easy to read. Relates well to course teaching on both level 3 and level 4 health and social care units

Miss Julie Anderson
Health , Tyne Metropolitan College
July 26, 2016

Clear, well-structured book very useful to support lecture notes for those studying health psychology. It goes beyond the usual concepts and models, with key studies, international case studies and future research recommendations clearly highlighted.

Nursing , Manchester College of Arts & Techn.
June 23, 2016

An excellent easy to read health psychology book which applies theory to practice throughout the book. Highly recommended.

Mrs Felicity Page
School of Sport, Health & Outdoor Ed, University of Wales, Trinity St David
June 7, 2016

Using as an optional recommended text but not required

Dr Lisa Marie Jones
Health , Arizona State Univ-Downtown
June 6, 2016

Good supporting evidence for lay perspectives and complementary medicines

Miss Hanna Storey
Sport and Public Services, NEW College Pontefract
May 27, 2016

The Department of Psychology at the University, South Africa, is currently of developing a new MA (Counselling, Exercise and sport Psychology) programme. One of the focus areas will be health psychology in conjunction with exercise psychology. This textbook is comprehensive and will form an integral part of the programme.

Professor Lourens Human
Psychology Department, University of Pretoria
May 14, 2016

This books provides an excellent account of some of the major health issues facing people in UK society today. The book will help students develop their understanding for health psychology, and provide insight into serious health issues.

Dr Michael Richards
Applied Health and Social Care , Edge Hill University
May 7, 2016

This is a really helpful text that covers a wide range of the topics and issues nursing students need to be familiar with in order to understand how health and illness is perceived by patients and their families. Being a large text its has the scope to cover many of the key themes in a good degree of detail as well as being accessible enough to dip in and out of.

Mr Tyler Warburton
School of Nursing, Salford University
April 12, 2016

excellent book for the course. Highly recommended

Ms Anne Marrows
Department of Humanities & Science, Grimsby Institute of HE & FE
January 30, 2016

A well-written and informative text on health psychology that underpins later modules in health promotion.

Mr Simon John Bishop
Science, Technologyand Health, University Campus Suffolk
October 29, 2015

Ch 7- food, diets, obesity

Smaller focus on health literacy (no longer whole chapter but part of Communication chapter) – makes more sense for course mapping

Less focus on community approaches- again, wasn’t crucial to course. Instead, more general ‘Health promotion’ chapter

More on Lifespan issues, such as Death, Dying and Bereavement along with Quality of Life

More on Stress and Coping.

More on Doctor-Patient Communication

New figures

Key terms set out at the end of chapters (as well as in glossary)

New to c/w:
20 Multiple-Choice Questions and 3 Short-Answer
Questions per chapter for the Instructor’s Manual.
10 Multiple-Choice Questions per chapter for the student
self-assessment quiz.

Flipcard Glossary
One revised video clip per chapter of authors discussing the key ideas of each
Case studies from book

Sample Materials & Chapters

Health Psychology: Introduction

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David F. Marks

DAVID F. MARKS served as Head of the School of Psychology at Middlesex Polytechnic, and as Head of the Department of Psychology at City University, London, UK.  Previously David held positions at the University of Sheffield, UK, and at the University of Otago, New Zealand. His other books include The Psychology of the Psychic (1980, with R. Kammann), Theories of Image Formation (1986), Imagery: Current Developments (1990, with J.T.E. Richardson and P. Hampson), The Quit For Life Programme: An Easier Way to Stop Smoking and Not Start Again (1993), Improving the Health of the Nation (1996, with C. Francome), Dealing With Dementia:... More About Author

Michael Murray

MICHAEL MURRAY is Professor of Psychology at the University of Keele, UK.  Previously he was Professor of Social and Health Psychology in the Division of Community Health, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada and Michael held positions at St Thomas’ Hospital Medical School, London, UK and at the University of Ulster, Ireland. His previous books include Smoking Among Young Adults (1988, with L. Jarrett, A.V. Swan and R. Rumen) and Qualitative Health Psychology: Theories and Methods (1999, with K. Chamberlain). Michael is Associate Editor of Psychology & Health and an Editorial Board member of the Journal of Health Psychology... More About Author

Brian Evans

BRIAN EVANS is a Visiting Lecturer at Middlesex University, UK, having previously served there as programme leader of the MSc degree in Health Psychology. Brian has also held positions at City University and the University of Sussex, UK, and at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. He is interested in the analysis of psychological research and theory in its socio-political context and his previous publications include IQ and Mental Testing: An Unnatural Science and Its Social History (1981, with B. Waites). Brian is an Editorial Board member of the Journal of Health Psychology. More About Author

Emee Vida Estacio

EMEE VIDA ESTACIO is a Lecturer in Psychology at Keele University. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in psychology (magna cum laude) at the University of the Philippines and her MSc and PhD in health psychology at City University London. Emee specializes in health promotion and community development and has facilitated action research projects in some of the most deprived areas in the UK and in the Philippines.  As a scholar activist, she became actively involved in supporting activities for Oxfam, the Association for International Cancer Research, CRIBS Philippines and Save the Children UK. Emee is a steering group member of Health... More About Author

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