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Health Psychology in Global Perspective

Health Psychology in Global Perspective

Volume: 2
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March 1998 | 344 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
`Aboud's book is the second volume of a cross-cultural series edited by Lonner and Berry. The laudable aim of the series is to critically evaluate Western paradigms through anexploration of the realtionship between culture and behaviour. This book's contribution to a more 'inclusive psychology' is through an examination of the health issues and dilemmas faced by developing countries, comparing these with the exeriences of developed nations. Adopting a biopsychosocial framework, it integartes material froma wide variety of disciplines, including psychology, anthropology, epidemiology, education and nursing. It is this psychological framework which distinguishes it from the primarily anthropological texts in this field....In summary, Aboud's enthusiasm and practical insight derived from her own experiences of working in developing countries underlies this overview of international health. The action-orientated approach throughout the text emphasises the empowerment and autonomous functioning of local communities. Indeed, our own conceptions of health and how to achieve health are constantly challenged in this lively text. Thus combined with an impressively diverse coverage of literature from many developing nations makes it a stimulating read for students with an interest in cross-cultural health' - Health Psychology Update

`Frances Aboud, a seasoned international health psychologist, argues for a cross-disciplinary approach to cross-cultural health. The book offers a concise, practical, and well written, overview of this nascent field. I found it though-provoking, inspiring and a pleasure to read' -Social Science & Medicine

What do we know about health in other countries? How can we use explanations from health psychology to understand health issues around the world? This volume uses health psychology to compare health issues faced by people in developing and developed countries.

Taking a broad social science perspective, Frances E Aboud brings mainstream health psychology concepts to bear on the problems of international health. She also: integrates findings from psychology with literature from other disciplines such as epidemiology, education, anthropology and nursing; and brings cross-cultural issues to bear on concepts and theories in health psychology. International health statistics and social science research methods applied to health in developing countries are also discussed.

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What Is International Health and Psychology?
Social Science Measures for Health Research
Family Planning and Contraceptive Use
Community Participation and Agency Involvement
Nutrition for Child Growth and Development
Alcohol Use and Abuse
Health Education and Promotion
Mental Health and Illness
Michaela Hynie
The AIDS/HIV Pandemic
A Final Note

Frances E. Aboud

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