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Health Promotion

Health Promotion
Planning and Strategies

Second Edition

592 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Beginning with a critical appraisal of the concept itself, the second edition of Health Promotion: Planning and Strategies outlines models for defining `health promotion' and sets out the factors involved in planning health promotion programs that work. Locating the principles and strategies of health promotion within an emerging sphere of multidisciplinary health, the authors show how these can be applied within a range of contexts and settings. In an attempt to bridge the gap that persists between ideological perspectives and practical implementations, they delve beyond the rhetoric of empowerment and show how it can be incorporated into practice.

Focusing particularly on the synergistic relationship between policy and education, the book re-appraises the notion of health education - an idea which has become marginalized in recent years, and shows the fundamental importance of education in creating individual choice and generating effective advocacy for social change. The question of `evidence' is central to the text and the book examines methods of evaluation and the role it plays in creating more effective health promotion programs.

The new edition offers coverage of values and ethics; working with communities; the settings approach, and social marketing. It also provides students with a companion website, and a glossary of key terms. Internationally relevant and multidisciplinary, this is an essential text for students of health studies, health promotion, public health, interprofessional social care courses, and all healthcare professionals.

Health and Health Promotion
Assessing Health and Its Determinants
The Determinants of Health Actions
Health-Promotion Planning: A Systematic Approach
Information Needs
Healthy Public Policy
Education for Health
Mass Communication
Working with Communities
Settings for Health

Covers in plenty of depth the approaches, methods, history and techniques for health promotion and education. Would consider it a core reading for social science students at all levels

Mr Geoffrey Atkinson
Health & Social Care, Doncaster College
May 7, 2015

Excellant core text

Mr Helen Matthews
School of Nursing, Midwifery and Healthcare, University of West London
January 9, 2015

a very comprehensive guide to health promotion that encourages students to think through what is health and how to work with individuals and communities

Barbara Conway
health, York University
July 28, 2014

A great book for students studying health promotion or student nurses. Very well written, clear and easy to understand.

Mrs Ruth Mawdsley
Health and Social Care, Peterborough Regional College
April 27, 2014

This book is very relevant to today's health promotion. it a good book and i would recommend it especially for planning and strategies.

Mrs Emuobo Erhawah
Department of Community Health, London Metropolitan Uni (North Campus)
April 23, 2014

Very good book, excellent visual and diagrams. The case study useful reference points for students.

Ms Dee Kearney
Social Studies, Liberties College
October 24, 2013

Good to have an up to date book which includes good current examples of health promotion in practice.

Ms Gill Mein
Faculty of Health and Social Care Sciences, St George's, University of London
September 18, 2013

An essential text in the field for both practitioners and students.

Dr Olatunde Aremu
School of Health and Bioscience, University of East London
September 4, 2013

Well written, fully explained, students loved it.

Ms Emma Parker
Access To Health, Birmingham Metropolitan College
August 12, 2013

used for reading list will be adding it to recommened reading lists for future learners.

Mrs Jessica Beni
Health , Newcastle College
August 7, 2013

New to the 2nd Edition:

  • Brought up-to-date in line with policy and practice changes since 2004
  • Includes more content and reference to multi-professional working
  • Provides students with a glossary of key terms
  • New material offers coverage of values and ethics, working with communities, the settings approach and social marketing.

Jackie Green

Keith Tones