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Health Care Reform in the Nineties

Health Care Reform in the Nineties

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Although no other country in the world allocates as large a proportion of its GDP to health care as the United States, it is clear that the most basic health needs of many Americans are not being met. Health Care Reform in the Nineties presents an extensive study of this topical issue.
Pauline Vaillancourt Rosenau
Health System Reform in the USA - Introduction
Milton J Roemer
National Health Systems Throughout the World
Lessons for Health Systems Reform in the USA

E Richard Brown
Should Single-Payer Advocates Support President Clinton's Planned Health Care Reform
Dan E Beauchamp and Paul Ambrose
Managing the Contradictions in the Clinton Health Plan
The Medicare Expansion Proposal

Michael D Intriligator
A Way to Achieve National Health Insurance in the United States
Joyce C Lashof
Health Care Reform
A Public Health Perspective

Philip R Lee
Re-Inventing Public Health
President Clinton's Health Security Act

Lu Ann Aday
Equity, Accessibility and Ethical Issues
Is the US Health Care Reform Asking the Right Questions?

Colleen M Grogan
Federalism and Health Care Reform
Russell L Hanson
Defining a Role for States in a Federal Health Care System
Mark A Peterson
Institutional Change and Health Politics of the 1990s
Linda A Bergthold
American Business and Health Care Reform
Cathie Jo Martin
Managing National Health Reform
Business and Politics of Policy Innovation

J Peter Nixon
Health Care Reform
A Labor Perspective

Robert H Binstock
Older Americans and Health Care Reform in the 1990s
Chris Hafner-Eaton
When the Phoenix Rises Where Will She Go?
The Women's Health Agenda

Michael Cousineau and John Lozier
Assuring Access to Health Care for Homeless People Under National Health Care
Pauline Vaillancourt Rosenau
National Health System Reform and the Health Security Act

Pauline Vaillancourt Rosenau

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