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Hate Speech

Hate Speech

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Interpersonal Communication

September 1995 | 312 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Violent acts, images and words are becoming commonplace in our culture, capable of both commanding attention and engendering disgust. This thought-provoking book explores the voice of rage - in the media, popular culture, political rhetoric and in the more general public sphere. Adopting both ethnographic and theoretical perspectives, the contributors address the ways in which hate is rationalized, invoked, expressed and institutionalized, illustrating the debate with current social issues - including abortion and gay rights - which have incited hatred and polarized positions.
Teun A van Dijk
Elite Discourse and the Reproduction of Racism
Rita Kirk Whillock
The Use of Hate as a Strategem for Achieving Political and Social Goals
Marguerite J Moritz
The Gay Agenda
Marketing Hate Speech to Mainstream Media

H L Goodall Jr
Narratives about Mismanaged Transitions in Times of Organizational Transformation and Change

David E Whillock
Symbolism and the Representation of Hate in Visual Discourse
Peter M Kellett
Acts of Power, Control, and Resistance
Narrative Accounts of Convicted Rapists

Janette Kenner Muir
Hating for Life
Rhetorical Extremism and Abortion Clinic Violence

David Slayden
Holy Wars and Vile Bodies
The Politics of an American Iconography

Stephen A Smith
There's Such a Thing as Free Speech
And It's a Good Thing, Too

David Theo Goldberg
Hate, or Power?


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