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Handbook of Services Marketing and Management

Handbook of Services Marketing and Management

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536 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Handbook is organized in six major sections: The service setting, demand management, service excellence and profitability, service recovery, service relationships, and firm-wide service issues.

A unique structural feature of the Handbook is the inclusion of both in-depth chapters as well as shorter, more focused `mini' chapters. This variation enables the book to provide broader coverage through the inclusion of more topics.

Teresa A Swartz and Dawn Iacobucci
Pierre Eiglier and Eric Langeard
Services in the Village
Christian Grönroos
Services Marketing Comes of Age
1: Environment/Performance
Stephen J Grove, Raymond P Fisk and Joby John
Services as Theater
Guidelines and Implications

Mary Jo Bitner
The Servicescape
Kent Grayson and David Shulman
Impression Management in Services Marketing
Janet Wagner
A Model of Aesthetic Value in the Servicescape
2: Technology/Participation
James G Barnes, Peter A Dunne and William J Glynn
Self-Service and Technology
Unanticipated and Unintended Effects on Customer Relationships

Pratibha A Dabholkar
Technology in Service Delivery
Implications for Self-Service and Service Support

Amy Risch Rodie and Susan Schultz Kleine
Customer Participation in Services Production and Delivery
John E G Bateson
Perceived Control and the Service Experience
Steven M Shugan and Sonja Radas
Services and Seasonal Demand
Shirley Taylor and Gordon Fullerton
Waiting for Service
Perceptions Management of the Wait Experience

Paul J Kraus
Pricing the Service Offering
An Integrative Perspective

Roger Hallowell and Leonard A Schlesinger
The Service Profit Chain
Intellectual Roots, Current Realities and Future Prospects

Anthony J Zahorik, Roland T Rust and Timothy L Keiningham
Estimating the Return on Quality
Providing Insights into Profitable Investments in Service Quality

Richard L Oliver
Customer Satisfaction with Service
Eugene W Anderson and Claes Fornell
The Customer Satisfaction Index as a Leading Indicator
Stephen S Tax and Stephen W Brown
Service Recovery
Research Insights and Practices

Nancy Stephens
Amy L Ostrom and Christopher W L Hart
Service Guarantees
Research and Practice

Paul G Patterson and Tony Ward
Relationship Marketing and Management
Martin Wetzels, Ko de Ruyter and Jos Lemmink
Antecedents and Consequences of Service Quality in Business-to-Business Services
Devon S Johnson and Kent Grayson
Sources and Dimensions of Trust in Service Relationships
Barbara Gutek
Service Relationships, Pseudo-Relationships and Encounters
Laurette Dubé and Stowe Shoemaker
Brand Switching and Loyalty for Services
John Deighton
Frequency Programs in Service Industries
Rashi Glazer
Smart Services
Competitive Advantage through Information-Intensive Strategies

Christopher H Lovelock
Functional Integration in Services
Understanding the Links between Marketing, Operations and Human Resources

David E Bowen, Benjamin Schneider and Sandra S Kim
Shaping Service Cultures through Strategic Human Resource Management
Richard B Chase and Ray M Haynes
Service Operations Management
A Field Guide

James Cross and Bruce J Walker
Addressing Services Marketing Challenges through Franchising
Dawn Iacobucci and Teresa A Swartz
Closing Observations

"This Handbook contains an impressive collection of cutting-edge contributions that should be of keen interest to service researchers and practitioners. It represents some of the best and most recent thinking on a wide range of service topics." 

A. Parasuraman
University of Miami, FL

"This new handbook provides a wealth of stimulating ideas and guidelines for improving the quality and effectiveness of service offerings." 

Philip Kotler
S.C. Johnson & Son, Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, Northwestern University

Teresa A. Swartz

Dawn Iacobucci

Dawn Iacobucci is the E. Bronson Ingram Professor of Marketing at the Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University.  Previously she was the Senior Associate Dean for Owen (2008-2010), Professor of Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University (1987-2004), the Coca-Cola Distinguished Professor of Marketing, Professor of Psychology and Head of the Marketing Department of the University of Arizona (2001-2002), and the John Pomerantz Professor of Marketing at Wharton, of the University of Pennsylvania (2004 to 2007). She received her M.S. in Statistics, and M.A. and Ph.D. in Quantitative Psychology... More About Author

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