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Handbook of Research Methods in Abnormal and Clinical Psychology

Handbook of Research Methods in Abnormal and Clinical Psychology

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December 2007 | 600 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Handbook of Research Methods in Abnormal and Clinical Psychology presents a diverse range of areas critical to any researcher or student entering the field. It provides valuable information on the foundations of research methods, including validity in experimental design, ethics, and statistical methods. The contributors discuss design and instrumentation for methods that are particular to abnormal and clinical psychology, including behavioural assessment, psychophysiological assessment and observational methods. They also offer details on new advances in research methodology and analysis, such as meta-analysis, taxometric methods, item response theory, and approaches to determining clinical significance. In addition, this volume covers specialty topics within abnormal and clinical psychology from forensic psychology to behaviour genetics to treatment outcome methods.
Section I: Introduction/Overview
Dean McKay
Chapter 1: General Introductory Chapter
Celia Fisher & Adam Fried
Chapter 2: The Ethics of Informed Consent for Research in Clinical and Abnormal Psychology
Steven Taylor & Gordon Asmundson
Chapter 3: Internal and External Validity in Clinical Research
Melanie Moretz & Dean McKay
Chapter 4: Statistical Conclusion and Construct Validity in Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Designs
Section II: Foundations of Design and Analysis
Bunmi Olatunji , Matt Feldner, Ellen Leen-Feldner, & John Forsyth
Chapter 5: Experimental Psychopathology
Derek R. Hopko & Carl Lejuez
Chapter 6: Analog Research
Leona Aiken & Steven West
Chapter 7: Correlation Methods/Regression Models
Section III: Fundamental Issues in Clinical and Abnormal Psychology
Elizabeth Nosen & Sheila Woody
Chapter 8: Diagnosis
Stephen Haynes, Catherine Pinson, Dawn Yoshioka, & Karen Kloezeman
Chapter 9: Behavioral Assessment
Frank Gresham, Clayton R. Cook, S. Dean Crews, & Ramón Barreras
Chapter 10: Observational Methods
Frank Andrasik
Chapter 11: Psychophysiological Research Methods
Thomas Hogan
Chapter 12: Psychological Tests and Measures
Jon Abramowitz & Stephen P. Whiteside
Chapter 13: Programmatic Research on Basic Psychopathology
Michael A. Southam-Gerow, A. Aukahi Austin, & Alyssa M. Hershberger
Chapter 14: Treatment Deployment
Section IV: Methodological Advances and Data Analysis
Dean McKay
Chapter 15: Meta-Analytic Approaches To Abnormal And Clinical Research
Rick Hoyle
Chapter 16: Confirmatory Factor Analysis/Structural Equation Modeling
Larry Davidson
Chapter 17: Qualitative Data Analysis
Joanne Gorin & Susan Embretson
Chapter 18: Item Response Theory and Rasch Models
Anthony Richey & Jill M. Holm-Denoma, Roman Kotov , Norman B. Schmidt & Thomas Joiner
Chapter 19: Taxometric Methods
Warren Tryon
Chapter 20: Statistical Equivalence Testing
Paula Truax & Jay Thomas
Chapter 21: Assessment and analysis of clinically significant change
Mathew Nock, Bethany D. Michel, and Valerie Photos
Chapter 22: Small samples and N-of-1 designs
Art Nezu & Christine Maguth Nezu
Chapter 23: Treatment integrity and treatment competence
Section V: Topics in Clinical and Abnormal Psychology
Amy Wenzel
Chapter 24: Methods of Information Processing Research
Barry Rosenfeld & Debbie Green
Chapter 25: Forensic Psychology
Brian Chu
Chapter 26: Research with Children & Adolescents
Forrest Scogin
Chapter 27: Geropsychology
Sunita Stewart
Chapter 28: Cross-Cultural Research in Clinical and Abnormal Psychology
Fons van de Vijver & Junko Tanaka-Matsumi
Chapter 29: Multi-Cultural research
Kathleen Schiaffino & Jessica McIlvane
Chapter 30: Health Psychology
Kerry Jang, Sonia Handa, & Roseann M. Larstone
Chapter 31: Methods and Data Analysis in Behavior Genetics
Megan E. Spokas, Thomas L. Rodebaugh, & Richard G. Heimberg
Chapter 32: Therapy outcome

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Professor Patricia Brennan
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August 26, 2011

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Dean R. McKay

Dean McKay, Ph.D. is Associate Professor and Director of the Doctoral Training Program in Clinical Psychology, Department of Psychology, Fordham University. He currently serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Clinical Psychology and Journal of Anxiety Disorders. He has published over 60 journal articles and book chapters, and has over 100 conference presentations. Dr. McKay has been a member of the Obsessive Compulsive Cognitions Working Group since 1995. He is Board Certified in Behavioral and Clinical Psychology of the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP), is a Fellow of the American Board of Behavioral Psychology... More About Author