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Handbook of Organizational Culture and Climate

Handbook of Organizational Culture and Climate

Edited by:
  • Neal M. Ashkanasy - University of Queensland, Australia (organizational behavior), University of Queensland, Australia, The University of Queensland, Australia (industrial/organizational psychology)
  • Celeste P M Wilderom - University of Twente, Netherlands
  • Mark F. Peterson - Maastricht University, Netherlands

664 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Handbook of Organizational Culture and Climate provides an overview of current research, theory and practice in this expanding field. Well-known editors Neal Ashkanasy, Celeste P. M. Wilderom, and Mark F. Peterson lend a truly international perspective to what is the single most comprehensive and up-to-date source on the growing field of organizational culture and climate.

In addition, the Handbook opens with a foreword by Andrew Pettigrew and two provocative commentaries by Ben Schneider and Edgar Schein, and concludes with an invaluable set of combined references. The editorial team and the authors come from diverse professional and geographical backgrounds, and provide an unprecedented coverage of topics relating to both culture and climate of modern organizations.

Benjamin Schneider, David E Bowen, Mark G Ehrhart and Karen M Holcombe
The Climate for Sevice
Evolution of a Construct

Richard W Stackman, Craig C Pinder, and Patrick E Conner
Values Lost
Redirecting Research on Values in the Workplace

Jean C H Hatfield and Albert J Mills
Rules, Sensemaking, Formative Contexts, and Discourse in the Gendering of Organizational Culture
Anat Rafaeli and Monica Worline
Symbols in Organizational Culture
Marc W D Tyrrell
Hunting and Gathering in the Early Silicon Age
Cyberspace, Jobs, and the Reformulation of Organizational Culture

Mark F Peterson and Peter B Smith
Sources of Meaning, Organization, and Culture
Making Sense of Organizational Events

Allen C Bluedorn
Time and Organizational Culture
Neal M Ashkanasy, Lyndelle E Broadfoot and Sarah Falkus
Questionnaire Measures of Organizational Culture
Robert A Cooke and Janet L Szumal
Using the Organizational Culture Inventory to Understand the Operating Cultures of Organizations
Roy L Payne
Climate and Culture
How Close Can They Get?

Jack Wiley and Scott Brookes
The High Performance Organizational Climate
How Workers Desribe Top Performing Units

Celeste Wilderom, Ursula Glunk, and Ralf Maslowski
Organizational Culture as a Predictor of Organizational Performance
Martin Kilduff and Kevin G Corley
Organizational Culture from a Network Perspectives
John L Michela and W Warner Burke
Organizational Culture and Climate in Transformations for Quality and Innovation
Mary Jo Hatch
The Cultural Dynamics of Organizing and Change
Raymond F Zammuto, Blair Gifford, and Eric A Goodman
Managerial Ideologies, Organization Culture and the Outcomes of Innovation
A Competing Values Perspective

Vijay Sathe and E Jane Davidson
Toward a New Conceptualization of Culture Change
Keith A Markus
Twelve Testable Assertions About Cultural Dynamics and the Reproduction of Organizational Culture
Yaakov Weber
Measuring Cultural Fit In Mergers and Acquisitions
Janice M Beyer, David R Hannah and Laurie P Milton
Ties That Bind
Culture and Attachments in Organizations

Turo Viratanen
Commitment and the Study of Organizational Climate and Culture
Debra A Major
Effective Newcomer Socialization into High Performance Organizational Cultures
Hugh Gunz
Organizational Cultures and Careers
Mary Yoko Brannen and Jill Kleinberg
Images of Japanese Management and the Development of Organizational Culture Theory
Geert Hofstede and Mark F Peterson
National Values and Organizational Practices

Lilach Sagiv and Shalom H Schwartz
A New Look at National Culture
Illustrative Applications to Role Stress and Managerial Behaviour

George M Rose, Lynne R Kahle and Aviv Shoham
Role Relaxation and Organizational Culture
A Social Values Perspective

Marcus W Dickson, Ram N Aditya and Jagdeep S Chhokar
Definition and Interpretation in Cross-Cultural Organizational Culture Research
Some Pointers From the GLOBE Research Program

Joseph Soeters
Culture in Uniformed Organizations
Cherilyn Skromme Granrose, Qiang Huang and Elena Reigadas
Changing Organizational Cultures in Chinese Firms

". . .this exceptional collection of scholarly work. . .will interest academically minded executives, and is a must-have for every institutional and individual OB research library."

Alan Auerbach
Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Neal M. Ashkanasy

Neal M. Ashkanasy is Professor of Management in the UQ Business School at the University of Queensland. His PhD is in Social and Organizational Psychology, also from the University of Queensland. He is a Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science, the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and the Australia and New Zealand Academy of Management. His research focuses on the role of emotion in organizational life, as well as leadership, culture, and ethics. He has published over 100 articles, including in leading peer-reviewed journals such as the Academy of Management Journal, the Academy of Management Review, and... More About Author

Celeste P. M. Wilderom

Celeste P.M. Wilderom (1956) is a full Professor of ‘Management & Organizational Behavior in the Private and the Public sector’ (University of Twente, the Netherlands). She obtained a Ph.D. from the State Universi­ty of New York, Buffalo (USA) in 1987. Her main research pertains to organizational service, leadership, change and culture. She is one of the three editors of the award-winning Handbook of Organizational Culture & Climate (2000, Sage). A recent culture publication, co-authored with Ford and Caparella, appeared in the Journal of Strategy and Management (2008). Since 2003 she has initiated and co-chaired -within the annual... More About Author

Mark Frederick Peterson

Mark F. Peterson (PhD, University of Michigan) holds the Hofstede Chair in Cultural Diversity at Maastricht University. He has published over 120 articles and chapters, and several books. The articles have appeared in major management and international management journals such as Administrative Science Quarterly, the Academy of Management Journal, the Journal of International Business Studies, the Journal of Organizational Behavior, Leadership Quarterly, Human Relations, Management International Review, Organization Studies, and Organization Science. He has also contributed international management themes to the basic social science... More About Author

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