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Handbook of Lesbian and Gay Studies

Handbook of Lesbian and Gay Studies

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September 2002 | 472 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
`The creation of a new field of lesbian and gay studies over the past thirty years has been a fascinating project. This volume brings together key authors in the field in 26 major essays and provides a clear sense of just how much has been achieved. It is a guide to the state of the art, and invaluable for scholars throughout the world' - Ken Plummer, Professor of Sociology, University of Essex; and Editor of Sexualities

`This book is unique in lesbian and gay studies. From politics to health, cyber-queers to queer families, the review essays in this volume cover all the important bases of GLB history and politics. The Introduction is a simple and accessible overview of the changing faces of theory and research over many decades. This book is bound to be an important resource in a burgeoning field' - Janice Irvine, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

`The Handbook of Gay and Lesbian Studies, assembled by two leading theorists of sexuality, makes available more than two dozen new cutting-edge essays in gay studies. Essential for social science scholars and students of gay/queer studies' - David F. Greenberg, Professor of Sociology, New York University

With this benchmark work, lesbian and gay studies comes of age. Drawing from a rich team of global contributors and carefully structured to elucidate the core issues in the field, it constitutes an unparalleled resource for teaching, research and debate. The volume is organized into 4 sections:

· History and Theory

This covers the roots of lesbian and gay studies, the institutionalization of the subject in the Academy, the 'naturalness' of heterosexuality, science and sexuality, the comparative sociology of homosexualities and the heterosexual/homosexual division.

· Identity and Community

This examines the formation of gay and lesbian identities communities and movements, 'cyber-queer' research, sexuality and space, generational issues in lesbian and gay lifecycles and the subject of bisexuality

· Institutions

This investigates questions of the governance of sexualities, lesbian and gay health, sexualities and education, religion and homosexuality, homosexuality and the law, gay and lesbian workers, homosexuality and the family, and lesbian, gay and queer encounters with the media and popular culture

· Politics

This explores the formation of the gay and lesbian movements, impact of globalization, antigay and lesbian violence, nationalism and transnationalism in lesbian and gay studies and sexual citizenship.

The result is an authoritative book that demarcates the field, stimulates critical discussion and provides lesbian and gay studies with an enriching focal reference point. It is, quite simply, a breakthrough work that will galvanize discussion and research for years to come.

Diane Richardson and Steven Seidman
Barry D Adam
From Liberation to Transgression and Beyond
Gay, Lesbian and Queer Studies at the Turn of the Twenty-first Century  
Sasha Roseneil
The Heterosexual/Homosexual Binary
Past, Present and Future  
Peter M Nardi
The Mainstreaming of Lesbian and Gay Studies?
Lynda Birke
Unusual Fingers
Scientific Studies of Sexual Orientation  
Chrys Ingraham
It's Just Not Natural!  
Stephen O Murray
The Comparative Sociology of Homosexualities
Verta Taylor, Elizabeth Kaminski and Kimberly Dugan
From the Bowery to the Castro
Communities, Identities and Movements  
Nina Wakeford
New Technologies and `Cyber-Queer' Research
Gill Valentine
Queer Bodies and the Production of Space
Stephen Pugh
The Forgotten
A Community Without a Generation - Older Lesbians and Gay Men  
Anne-Marie Fortier
Queer Diaspora
Melinda S Miceli
Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Youth
Kristin G Esterberg
The Bisexual Menance
Or, Will the Real Bisexual Please Stand Up?  
Davina Cooper
Imagining the Place of the State
Where Governance and Social Power Meet  
Tamsin Wilton
Lesbian and Gay Health
Power, Paradigms and Bodies  
Debbie Epstein, Sarah O'Flynn and David Telford
Innocence and Experience
Paradoxes in Sexuality and Education  
Leslie J Moran
Lesbian and Gay Bodies of Law
Dawne Moone
Religious Views of Homosexuality
Marieka M Klawitter
Gays and Lesbians as Workers and Consumers in the Economy
Joshua Gamson
Sweating in the Spotlight
Lesbian, Gay and Queer Encounters with Media and Popular Culture  
Judith Stacey and Elizabeth Davenport
Queer Families Quack Back
Stephen Engel
Making a Minority
Understanding the Formation of the Gay and Lesbian Movement in the United States  
Valerie Jennesss and Kimberley D Richman
Anti-Gay and Lesbian Violence and Its Discontents
Dennis Altman
Globalization and the International Gay/Lesbian Movement
Jyoti Puri
Nationalism Has a Lot to Do with It!
Unraveling Questions of Nationalism and Transnationalism in Lesbian/Gay Studies  
David Bell and Jon Binnie
Sexual Citizenship
Marriage, the Market and the Military  

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Diane Richardson

Diane Richardson is well established as an international and national authority in the area of the sociology of sexuality, with many related publications. In particular, she has made a significant contribution to three different areas of this body of knowledge: theories of sexual identity; sociological understandings of HIV/AIDS; and feminist accounts of sexuality.... More About Author

Steven Seidman

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