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Handbook of Counseling Boys and Adolescent Males

Handbook of Counseling Boys and Adolescent Males
A Practitioner's Guide

August 1999 | 440 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
`I found this a stimulating and readable book that was full of practical ideas. Some of the chapters may be of special interest to readers working in America, but I would expect the book to be of value to anyone wanting to give consideration to boys' and mens' issues in mental health, community and educational settings' - Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry

This comprehensive, practical resource provides specific strategies for counsellors working with boys and male adolescents from different cultural backgrounds.

The first part examines how psychological, career and athletic development of boys is shaped by a complex interaction of biological, social, cultural and economic forces. TheSecond Part covers cultural considerations when counselling particular North American client groups, such as Hispanic-Americans. The final part focuses on special populations such as gay, sexually abused and developmentally disabled boys.

Mark S Kiselica and Arthur M Horne
For the Sake of Our Nation's Sons

David Jolliff and Arthur M Horne
Growing Up Male
The Development of Mature Masculinity

Warren Spielberg
A Cultural Critique of Current Practices of Male Adolescent Identity Formation
Steven D Brown
Male Career Development in the Formative Years
Ken Hodge and Steven Danish
Promoting Life Skills for Adolescent Males through Sport
Shawn Leonard, Courtland Lee and Mark S Kiselica
Counseling African American Male Youth
David Sue
Counseling Asian American Boys and Adolescent Males
Jose Arcaya
Hispanic American Boys and Adolescent Males
Roger Herring
Helping Native American Indian and Alaska Native Male Youth
K Lynn Powell et al
Counseling Non-Hispanic White Boys
Jill S Barber and Michael Mobley
Counseling Gay Adolescents
Mark S Kiselica
Counseling Teen Fathers
Neil Cabe
Abused Boys and Adolescents
Out of the Shadows

David Jolliff, John Newbauer and Bill Blanks
Treating Adolescent Sex Offenders
James Dean and Mark S Kiselica
Helping Mentally Retarded Boys and Their Families
Donald B Keat II
Counseling Anxious Male Youth
Chris Caldwell
Counseling Depressed Boys
Gail Tripp and Dougald M Sutherland
Counseling Boys with Attention Defecit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Dawn A Newman, Arthur M Horne and Cynthia B Webster
Bullies and Victims
A Theme of Boys and Adolescent Males
Georgia Calhoun, Brian Glaser and Christi L Bartolomucci
Counseling the Juvenile Offender
Richard C Page
Counseling Substance-Abusing Young Males

"Arthur M. Horne and Mark S. Kiselica have produced a timely compendium which offers an exciting glimpse at important developments related to boys and men. This well thought out volume boldly ranges beyond conventional boundaries and will be a useful addition to the available literature on boys and men." 

Don C. Locke, Ph.D.
North Carolina State University

Arthur M. Horne

Arthur M. Horne is currently Dean of the College of Education and Distinguished Research Professor at the University of Georgia, Athens. He obtained his PhD in counseling and Educational Psychology from Southern Illinois university, and his masters and bachelor's from the University of Florida, Gainesville. He is widely known in the area of bullying, working with youth, boys, and prevention. More About Author

Mark S. Kiselica

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