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Handbook of Contemporary Families

Handbook of Contemporary Families
Considering the Past, Contemplating the Future

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September 2012 | 640 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
What has happened to marriage and families? What is the current state of families? Where are families headed? Where is family scholarship headed? As families face challenges today brought on by events that have changed their perception of the world, there is a need for a clear assessment of what has happened to families in the past and an examination of some data-based theories about what is likely to happen in the future.

The Handbook of Contemporary Families explores how families have changed in the last 30 years and speculates about future trends. Editors Marilyn Coleman and Lawrence H. Ganong, along with a multidisciplinary group of contributors, critique the approaches used to study relationships and families while suggesting modern approaches for the new millennium. The Handbook looks at how changes within the contemporary family have been reflected in family law, family education, and family therapy.

Features of this Handbook:

Examines a diverse array of families and relationships in which people live, including chapters on alternative lifestyles, gay and lesbian relationships, economically distressed families, religion and families, racial and ethnic diversity, a feminist vision for families, older families, and the effect of computers and other technology on family relationships

Includes both a historical review and future speculation on the subjects covered in each chapter

Interdisciplinary contributors representing a variety of fields such as history, family studies, sociology, law, therapy, social work, psychology, nursing, and human development

The Handbook of Contemporary Families is an excellent resource for advanced undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, educators, and practitioners who study and work with families in several disciplines, including Family Science, Human Development and Family Studies, Sociology, Marriage & Family Therapy, and Social Work.

John Scanzoni
1. Household Diversity: The Starting Point for Healthy Families in the New Century
Roger H. Rubin
2. Alternate Lifestyles Today: Off the Family Studies Screen
Steven Mintz
3. The Social & Cultural Construction of American Childhood
Judith Seltzer
4. Cohabitation & Family Change
Ronald Sabatelli & Karen Ripoll
5. An Ecological/Exchange Perspective on Recent Marital Trends
Larry Kurdek
6. Gay Men & Lesbian Couples: The Family Context
Richard Bulcroft & Jay Teachman
7. Ambiguous Constructions: Development of a Childless or Childfree Life Course
Teresa Cooney & Kathleen Dunne
8. Intimate Relationships in Later Life: Current Realities, Future Prospects
Maureen Perry Jenkins & Elizabeth Turner
9. Jobs, Marriage, & Parenting: Working it Out in Dual-Earner Families
Lori A. McGraw & Alexis Walker
10. Gender in Families: The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same
Katherine Allen
11. Feminist Visions for Transforming Families: Desire & Equality Then & Now
Susan Walzer
12. Encountering Oppositions: A Review of Motherhood
Scott Coltrane
13. Fathering: Paradoxes, Contradictions, & Dilemmas
William Glenn Clingempeel & Eulalee Brand-Clingempeel
14. Pathogenic Conflict Families & Children: What We Know, What We Need to Know
Paul Amato
15. To Have & Have Not: Marriage & Divorce in the United States
Michele Tuer Martin, Robert Emery, & Tara S. Peris
16. Children & Parents in Single Parent Families: Risk, Resilience, & Change
Graham Allan, Sheila Hawker, & Graham Crow
17. Britain's Changing Families
Kay Pasley & Brad S. Moorefield

Kay Pasley & Brad S. Moorefield

Kay Pasley & Brad S. Moorefield

Kay Pasley & Brad S. Moorefield
18. Stepfamilies: Changes & Challenges
Linda Citlali Halgunseth
19. Continuing Research on Latino Families: El pasado y el futuro
Belinda Tucker, Saskia K. Subramanian, & Angela James
20. Diversity In African American Families: Trends & Projections
Masako Ishii-Kuntz
21. Asian American Families: Diverse History, Contemporary Trends, & the Future
Walter T. Kawamoto & Tamara C. Cheshire
22. A 'Seven Generation' Approach to American Indian Families
Bahira Sherif-Trask
23. Muslim Families in the United States
David C. Dollahite, Loren Marks, & Michael Goodman
24. Families & Religious Beliefs, Practices, & Communities: Linkages in a Diverse & Dynamic Cultural Context
Mary Ann Mason, Sarah Carnochan, & Mark A. Fine
25. Family Law For Changing Families
Karen Bogenschneider & Tom Corbett
26. Building Enduring Family Policies in the 21st Century
Mark Rank
27. The Disturbing Paradox of Poverty Amidst American Families: What We Have Learned Over the Past Four Decades
Dianne Bartels
28. Brave New Families: Modern Health Technology & Family Creation
Robert Hughes, Jr. & Jason D. Hans
29. Understanding the Effects of the Internet

29. Understanding the Effects of the Internet, by Robert Hughes, Jr. &Jason D. Hans

29. Understanding the Effects of the Internet
Leigh Leslie & Goldie Morton
30. Family Therapy in Response to Family Diversity: Looking Back, Looking Forward
Deborah Gentry
31. Contemporary Family Life Education: Thirty Years of Challenge & Progress

"Coleman and Ganong
recruited an outstanding group of scholars to contribute to the Handbook of
Contemporary Families. Authors represent a wide array of disciplines, and the
topics touch on every aspect of family life. The organization of the book is
excellent and the writing of high quality. Scholars and students alike will
find the book a valuable resource."

Alan Booth
Penn State University

"Marilyn Coleman and
Larry Ganong have produced a comprehensive handbook exploring the changes and
challenges confronting contemporary families. The chapters, written by some of
the most distinguished social scientists studying families, give a balanced
research-based analysis of some of the most contentious issues of our

E. Mavis Hetherington
University of Virginia

"This useful handbook brings together many of the most important new findings and provocative ideas about America’s diverse and changing families. An excellent resource."

Stephanie Coontz
Author of The Way We Really Are: Coming to Terms with America's Changing Families

Marilyn Coleman

Marilyn Coleman, EdD, is a curators’ distinguished professor emerita of Human Development and Family Science at the University of Missouri (United States). She is also an affiliate faculty member with women’s and gender studies at the University of Missouri and a fellow in the MU Center for Excellence on Aging and the MU Center for Family Policy and Research. She is a fellow in the National Council on Family Relations. She has conducted research on stepfamilies for more than 35 years. Her recent work with Lawrence H. Ganong has focused on (a) intergenerational family responsibilities following divorce and remarriage and (b) the... More About Author

Lawrence Ganong

Lawrence Ganong, Ph.D., is Emeritus Professor of Human Development and Family Science and Nursing at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He has co-authored over 310 journal articles and chapters and 10 books and has received 12 grants from public and private institutions. Ganong’s research program has focused on how post-divorce families, particularly stepfamilies, develop and maintain satisfying and effective relationships. Ganong is a Fellow in the National Council on Family Relations and the Gerontological Society of America. He has served on the Board of Directors of the National Council on Family Relations, the Council on... More About Author

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