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Handbook of Clinical Interviewing With Adults

Handbook of Clinical Interviewing With Adults

  • Michel Hersen - School of Professional Psychology, Pacific University, USA, Pacific University, USA
  • Jay C. Thomas - Pacific University, USA

July 2012 | 512 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Handbook of Clinical Interviewing with Adults is one of three interrelated handbooks on the topic of interviewing for specific populations.It presents a combination of theory and practice plus concern with diagnostic entities for readers who work, or one day will work, with adults in clinical settings.The volume begins with general issues (structured versus unstructured interview strategies, mental status examinations, selection of treatment targets and referrals, writing up the intake interview, etc.), moves to a section on major disorders most relevant to adult clients (depression, bipolar disorder, agoraphobia, posttraumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, alcohol and drug abuse, sexual dysfunction, etc.), and concludes with a chapter on special populations and issues (neurologically impaired patients, older adults, behavioral health consultation, etc.).
Part I: General Issues
Johan Rosqvist,Throstur Bjorgvinsson, Jill Davidson
1. Philosophical Underpinnings of Clinical Interviewing
Sandra Jenkins
2. Unstructured Interviewing
Julie N. Hook, Elise Hodges, Kriscinda Whitney, Daniel L. Segal
3. Structured and Semistructured Interviews
Jennifer R. Antick, Kimberly R. Goodale
4. Motivational Interviewing
Michael Daniel, Tracy Carothers
5. Mental Status Examination
Daniel S. McKitrick, Tiffany A. Edwards, Ann B. Sola
6. Multicultural Issues
Paula Truax, Sara Wright
7. Selecting Treatment Targets and Referral
Elizabeth T. Dexter-Mazza, Kathryn E. Korslund
8. Suicide Risk Assessment
Daniel L. Segal, Philinda S. Hutchings
9. Writing Up the Intake Interview
Part II: Specific Disorders
Keith S. Dobson, Martin C. Scherrer
10. Major Depressive Disorder
Sheri L. Johnson, Lori Eisner, Randy Fingerhut
11. Bipolar Disorder
David Roe, Abraham Rudnick, Kim T. Mueser
12. Schizophrenia
Norman B. Schmidt, Julie D. Buckner, J. Anthony Richey
13. Panic and Agoraphobia
Laura L. Vernon
14. Specific Phobia
Stefan M. Schulz, Alicia E. Meuret, Rebecca Loh, Stefan G. Hofmann
15. Social Phobia
Johan Rosqvist, Throstur Bjorgvinsson, Darcy C. Norling, Berglind Gudmundsdottir
16. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Jonathan D. Huppert, Michael R.Walther
17. Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Tiffany M. Stewart, Don A. Williamson
18. Eating Disorders
Kathryn E. Korslund, Angela Murray, Susan L. Bland
19. Borderline Personality Disorder
Jonathan Morgenstern, Thomas Irwin
20. Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Tamara Penix, Dahamsara R. Suraweera
21. Sexual Dysfunction and Deviation
Part III: Special Populations and Issues
Sarah Duman, Jed Grodin, Yolanda Cespedes, Emily Fine, Poorni Otilingam, Gayla Margolin
22. Couples
Melissa L. Gonzalez, Johnny L. Matson
23. Intellectual Disability
Charles J. Golden, Zarabeth L. Golden
24. Neurologically Impaired Clients
Lesley P. Koven, Andrea Shreve-Neiger, Barry A. Edelstein
25. Older Adults
Shawn R. Currie, Jessica M. McLachlan
26. Sleep Disorders
Louise S. Ethier, Carl Lacharité
27. Physical Abusers in the Family
John G. Arena
28. Behavioral Health Consultation
About the Editors
About the Contributors

Michel Hersen

Michel Hersen (Ph.D., ABPP, State University of New York at Buffalo, 1966) is Professor and Dean of the School of Professional Psychology at Pacific University. He completed his post-doctoral training at the West Have VA (Yale University School of Medicine Program). He is Past President of the Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy. He has coauthored and co-edited 146 books and has published 225 scientific journal articles. He is co-editor of several psychological journals, including Behavior Modification, Aggression & Violent Behavior: A Review Journal, Clinical Psychology Review, and Journal of Family Violence. He is... More About Author

Jay Clark Thomas

Jay C. Thomas (Ph.D., University of Akron, 1981), is Professor and Program Director of Counseling Psychology in the School of Professional Psychology at Pacific University. His research interests include applied research methodology, psychometrics, job stress and satisfaction, career and life development, and behavioral change. He is a member of the American Psychological Association, American Psychological Society, American Statistical Association, and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.  He has authored numerous research papers and book chapters and has edited three previous handbooks, including the "Handbook of... More About Author

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