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Handbook of Adult and Continuing Education

Handbook of Adult and Continuing Education

2010 Edition
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Adult Education | Higher Education

May 2010 | 512 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Drawing on the contributions of 75 leading authors in the field, this 2010 Edition of the respected Handbook of Adult and Continuing Education provides adult education scholars, programme administrators, and teachers with a solid foundation for understanding the current guiding beliefs, practices, and tensions faced in the field, as well as a basis for developing and refining their own approaches to their work and scholarship.

Offering expanded discussions in the areas of social justice, technology, and the global dimensions of adult and continuing education, the Handbook continues the tradition of previous volumes with discussions of contemporary theories, current forms and contexts of practice, and core processes and functions. Insightful chapters examine adult and continuing education as it relates to gender and sexuality, race, our aging society, class and place, and disability.

AAACE Statement
Table of Contents
Introduction: Adult and Continuing Education as an Intellectual Commons
1. Adult Learners
2. Access and Participation
3. Adult Learning
4. Adult Development
5. Group and Organizational Learning
6. Theoretical frameworks for understanding the field
7. Histories of Adult Education: Constructing the Past
8. International and Comparative Adult and Continuing Education
9. Policy and Adult Learning and Education
10. Sociology of Adult and Continuing Education: Some Key Understandings for the Field of Practice
11. Professionalization of the Field of Adult and Continuing Education
12. Professional Identity
13. Facilitation and Design of Learning
14. Planning and Delivery of Adult Learning Experiences
15. Assessment and Evaluation
16. Management and Leadership
17. Adult Basic Education
18. English Language Learning for Adults
19. Adult Education for the Empowerment of Individuals and Communities
20. Adults in Four Years of Colleges and Universities: Moving from the Margin to Mainstream?
21. The Learning Landscape of Community Colleges
22. Employer-Sponsored Learning in the Workplace
23. Workers' Education for the twenty-first century
24. Armed Forces Education
25. Continuing Professional Education
26. Spirituality and Adult Education
27. Adult and Continuing Education for Health and Wellness
28. Environmental Adult and Continuing Education
29. Distance Education in the Age of the Internet
30. Adult Education in Cultural Institutions: Libraries, Museums, Parks, and Zoos
31. Social Justice in Adult and Continuing Education: Laboring in the Fields of Reality and Hope
32. Struggles for Utopia(s)? Gender and Sexuality in Adult and Continuing Education
33. Chasing the American Dream: Race and Adult and Continuing Education
34. Adult and Continuing Ed. In Relation to an Aging Society
35. Adult and Continuing Education for Adults with Disabilities
36. Class and Place in Adult and Continuing Education
37. Globalization and the Role of Adult and Continuing Education: Challenges and Opportunities
38. The Knowledge Society and Adult and Continuing Education
Kathleen King
39. Informal Learning in a Virtual Era
40. Creating and Re-Creating Community
Conclusion: Looking Forward, Looking Backward
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Serving as a useful overview of the field’s landscape at a given point in time and place, the Handbook enjoys a unique status as the point of first reference when exploring the disparate theory and practice of adult and continuing education. The 2010 Handbook under the skilled editorial guidance of Carol E. Kasworm, Amy D. Rose, and Jovita M. Ross-Gordon continues the informed legacy of the preceding volumes. At the same time, it advances the academic and professional substance of the field with attention to its symbiotic nature and impact on the broader society.

Published by the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE) with SAGE Publications, the Handbook is a needed addition to the adult educator’s professional collection. In one readable compendium it provides a baseline status report of where the field is today, its intellectual and institutional antecedents, and future directions. Practitioners and scholars in the field will find conceptual and applied material synthesized in a lucid fashion. The bibliographic citations provide a map to research and standards of practice over the past several decades.

James K. Broomall, Assistant Provost
Professional and Continuing Studies, University of Delaware
The Journal of Continuing Higher Education

I'm using the Sage Handbook of Curriculum & Instruction instead. I am happy with this Sage title.

Dr Alan Goodboy
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October 15, 2013

Excellent Text

Dr Dianne Lawton
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August 22, 2013

Carol E. Kasworm

Amy D. Rose

Jovita M. Ross-Gordon

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