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Growing for Justice

Growing for Justice
A Developmental Continuum of Leadership Capacities and Practices

Joint Publication with Learning Forward

April 2023 | 240 pages | Corwin

Be the leader you want to see in the world.

Educators committed to social justice enter into the work in markedly different ways. Drawing from research with 50 educational leaders from across the United States, Growing for Justice explores how leaders committed to social justice support the growth of others while also developing their own capacities to engage, connect, and lead for change. This groundbreaking book, informed by adult developmental theory and based on a first-of-its-kind study, helps school leaders assess their own strengths and areas for growth—and then take concrete steps toward improvement. Features include:

  • Exploration of meaning-making systems and how they affect leaders’ understandings of diversity, equity, and social justice
  • A research-based, developmental model of justice-centering educational leadership capacities and practices
  • Leaders’ personal stories of growth and development as advocates
  • Planning activities and reflective exercises to drive decision-making, action, and internal capacity-building

Wherever you are in your social justice journey, wanting to do better is the first step toward actually doing better. With this book’s help, you’ll outline the supports, stretches, and scaffoldings you need to continually grow for justice.

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"Growing for Justice brings two areas of leadership into vital conversation: adult development and justice-centering leadership. This book offers an informative map of justice-centering practices currently active in schools while emphasizing justice and equity work as ongoing learning work. As such, Growing for Justice invites us to face our growth-edges in order to take more strategic and intentional action towards realizing more equitable schools and work environments. And all from a dynamic trio of researchers in the field of Adult Learning. This book will be a helpful resource for any teacher and leader committed to ongoing learning towards impactful, just leadership."

Nicole Brittingham Furlonge, PhD
Professor of Practice and Director of the Klingenstein Center, Teachers College Columbia University

"Spectacular! Growing for Justice is a deeply engaging text that will allow educational leaders to develop a capacity to lead schools for justice. The authors’ ability to use a developmental approach for learning about and promoting equity is novel and is exactly what schools need to enact humanizing and lasting system change."

Muhammad Khalifa
Professor of Educational Administration, The Ohio State University

"This text is a magnificent application of a developmental framework to help educators and other professionals engage meaningfully in the important work of social justice."

Brian K. Perkins, Ed.D.
Director, Summer Principals Academy, Teachers College Columbia University

Eleanor Drago-Severson

Ellie Drago-Severson is Professor of Education Leadership and Adult Learning and Leadership at Teachers College, Columbia University.  A developmental psychologist, Ellie teaches, conducts research, and serves as a consultant to school and district leaders, systems leaders, and teacher leaders in public, charter and private schools and systems—on professional and personal growth and learning; leadership that supports principal, teacher, school, and leadership development; and coaching and mentoring in K–12 schools, university settings, and other adult education contexts domestically and internationally.  She is also an... More About Author

Jessica Blum-DeStefano

Jessica Blum-DeStefano is an instructor and advisor at Bank Street College of Education, where she teaches adult development and qualitative research methods. Her teaching, scholarship, and approach to leadership foreground the power of growth and interconnection—especially as they relate to individual perspective transformation, authentic collaboration, and capacity building systemwide. Toward these ends, her work is inspired by an interdisciplinary tapestry of ideas—including adult developmental theories, social justice frameworks, the history and philosophy of education, organizational studies, student voice, and qualitative/mixed... More About Author

Deborah Brooks Lawrence

Deborah Brooks Lawrence, EdD is a native New Yorker, who believes that equitable access to viable resources will pave the road for universal recognition and sustainability of Human Rights; and as educators we without question need to prepare all of our practitioners and students to embrace the possibilities of equitable opportunity. This is couched in her witness to, and participation in, the Civil Rights and Women’s Movements as well as her first-hand witness to Apartheid and Nyerere’s Pan Africanism.  It is through this inclusive lens that she weaves theory, research, advocacy and practice in her current role as a City Research... More About Author

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