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Group Dynamics for Teams

Group Dynamics for Teams

Fifth Edition
  • Daniel Levi - California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, USA
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Business & Management | Psychology

August 2020 | 352 pages | SAGE Texts
Integrates research and theories of group dynamics to aid ways in which teams operate in organizations

The Fifth Edition of this well-known textbook incorporates the latest research and explains the basic psychological concepts of group dynamics, focusing on their application with teams in the workplace. Grounded in psychology research and with a practical focus on organizational behavior issues, this engaging book helps readers to understand and more effectively participate in teams.  Group Dynamics for Teams integrates research and theories of group dynamics in order to apply this information to the ways in which teams operate in organizations. Each chapter is aided by application sections with techniques, advice for leading virtual teams, case studies, surveys and activities designed to develop teamwork skills.

Key Features:

• Provides a framework for teaching about teams and improving how teams function

• Appendix material offering practical advice on techniques and activities to help improve the team’s performance

• Special pedagogical features like leading virtual teams, team leader’s challenge, psychological surveys, and teamwork activities

• Robust companion website containing discussion questions, class activities, text bank, PowerPoint slides, and multimedia links for classroom teaching
PART I: Characteristics of Teams
Understanding Teams
Defining Team Success
PART II: Processes of Teamwork
Team Beginnings
Understanding the Basic Team Processes
Cooperation and Competition
Communication by David Askay
PART III: Issues Teams Face
Managing Conflict
Power and Social Influence
Decision Making
Problem Solving
PART IV: Organizational Context of Teams
Team, Organizational, and International Culture
Virtual Teamwork
Evaluating and Rewarding Teams
Team Building and Team Training
Appendix : Guide to Student Team Projects


Daniel Jay Levi

Daniel Levi is a professor in the Psychology and Child Development Department at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, California. He has an MA and a PhD in environmental psychology from the University of Arizona. He teaches classes in teamwork and in environmental and organizational psychology. His teamwork class was designed primarily for engineering and business students at Cal Poly. He has conducted research and worked as a consultant with factory and engineering teams for companies such as Nortel Networks, TRW, Hewlett-Packard, and Philips Electronics. In addition, he has worked on international team research projects in Europe and Asia.Dr.... More About Author

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