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Greening the Supply Chain

Greening the Supply Chain
A Guide for Asian Managers

First Edition
  • P H Rao - Asian Institute of Management, Philippines

January 2018 | 284 pages | SAGE Response
This book deals with a major environmental concern across the globe: to ensure sustainable environment development along with efficiency across businesses. It explores how different types of environmentally sustainable practices should be adopted at different stages of supply chains. It details how various companies have greened their supply chains by adopting innovative measures, in conjunction with attaining enhanced business performance.

Greening the Supply Chain: A Guide for Asian Managers includes case studies on the new breed of companies from Asia which, in addition to improving efficiency and satisfying global customers, are also making efforts to contribute toward environmental sustainability. The author details the theoretical and practical aspects associated with various phases of supply chain management. She underlines that companies need to have a suitable environmental policy and make efforts to effectively integrate all the suppliers, business partners and consumers in their greening initiative. The book provides practical tips to managers about greening practices. Lucidly written, the case studies also highlight that the greening initiatives do not merely improve the efficiency of the company concerned, but also benefit the suppliers, contractors, and vendors, in addition to ensuring social sustainability.

This book would be useful reading for entrepreneurs, corporate managers and consultants committed to sustainable environmental management, and all those associated with the management of supply chains. It is a must read for students and faculties of management schools and universities, regional governments, and most of all practicing managers.
J Warren Evans
Foreword J Warren Evans
Greening the Supply Chain: An Introduction
Greening the Inbound Logistics Phase: Greening the Suppliers and Business Partners
Greening the Production Phase/The Internal Supply Chain and the Role of Suppliers
Greening the Outbound Logistics and the Role of Suppliers and Service Providers
Reverse Logistics and Waste-free Supply Chain: How they Lead to Conservation of Environment Sustainability
Case Studies

There is a growing need to understand Asia specific initiatives for the greening of supply chains. Greening the Supply Chains helps to fill this void by providing comprehensive insights into the greening of supply chains from the perspective of Asian companies…Rao has a lucid writing style and explains research terminology in layman’s terms to cater to audience with no prior knowledge of the supply chain…. This book serve as a valuable resource for managers, academicians, policy makers and students who are interested in a good review of greening concepts and greening the initiatives pursued by Asian companies.

IIMB Management Review

The book focuses on the concept of reduce, reuse and recycle…Although the cases given in the book are from Asia, the relevance of the book is equally important to all the managers irrespective of their geographical region of operation…. The book is a must read for the present and future generation managers.

Management and Labour Studies

Purba Halady Rao’s book, belongs to a different category. It assumes, at the outset, that the development trajectory is rooted in the idea that big-is-inevitable (as against small-is-beautiful) and takes the argument further to demonstrate that it need not inevitable be environmentally disastrous…. Greening the Supply Chain should certainly be considered recommended reading for students of management as well as activists in the area of environment protection.

The New Indian Express

The presentation is lucid and will motivate managers of companies to acquire ISO 14001 certification and also develop in-house environmental management systems suited to their needs. This book will be useful to management students and others interested in the corporate social responsibility.

The Hindu

In this book, Purba Halady Rao details how a company can help its supply chain to adopt green, sustainable practices … the book is peppered with many interesting examples… this is a nicely written book, easy to read with many ideas for those with a green heart.

Civil Society

Greening the Supply Chain: A Guide to Asian Managers is timely as it touches the economic and emotional chord of Asian entrepreneurs and managers….it attempts to explain with concrete examples, how some of the business houses and enterprises have been able to make a positive contribution towards protecting the environment to the extent possible. These innovations and practices could be an eye-opener for many Asian managers to follow suit and become responsible corporate citizens.

Global Business Review

P H Rao

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