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Green Teaching

Green Teaching
Nature Pedagogies for Climate Change & Sustainability

May 2022 | 152 pages | Corwin UK

Just being outside doesn’t always guarantee a connection to the natural world. An awareness of the environment needs to be embedded within the curriculum, and with climate change and sustainability being such important and urgent issues, this book is a timely and much needed resource for early years and primary educators.

Introducing nature pedagogy - an approach that seeks to respect and support the rights of children and the planet together. Nature pedagogy encourages all educators to embrace eco-logical choices and to use nature as the location, resource and context for learning. The author draws on international research and case studies to offer a way forward, to embed green teaching and a nature-based pedagogy in practice and transform teaching with young children.

Chapter 1: Why do we need nature pedagogy?
Chapter 2: Nature pedagogy - a definition
Chapter 3: What is nature?
Chapter 4: Being with nature in a relational way
Chapter 5: Values and Principles in Practice
Chapter 6: Sustainability as an approach to care and education
Chapter 7: Implications for practice

Sample Materials & Chapters

Green Teaching sample - Chapter 1

Claire Warden

Dr Claire Warden’s approach to nature-based, child led pedagogies has earned her international recognition as a pioneer in educational thinking. She is a multiple award-winning author with over 15 books to her credit.  She has been recognised for her original contribution in the field of education for her thesis ‘The Creation and Theorisation of Nature Pedagogy’ and was awarded her PhD in 2019. Her inspirational research and approach to experiential learning has developed through a variety of experiences including primary teaching, advisory work, lecturing in further education and development of the award winning Auchlone Nature... More About Author

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