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Greater Expectations: Enabling Achievement for Disadvantaged Students

Greater Expectations: Enabling Achievement for Disadvantaged Students

160 pages | Corwin UK

How can greater expectations lead to greater outcomes for schools and the students they teach?

The London Academy of Excellence (LAE), Newham, is one of the leading sixth-form schools in the UK. The LAE’s mission is to combat disadvantage by providing ambitious young people from lower-income homes with an education on a par with the best available in the independent sector.

In its first decade, the LAE sent over 1,300 students to Russell Group universities, over 200 to medical schools and more than 150 to Oxford or Cambridge. Most of those students were the first in their family to attend a university.

The authors sift through the school's practices to reveal universal concepts and ideas that school leaders, in any context, can consider for their own schools. These ideas include:

  • Understanding the curriculum as a source of social mobility
  • Planning for high quality destinations from first contact with prospective students 
  • Exploring challenge strategies to achieve academic excellence across subjects
The book culminates in a list of strategies that can drive greater expectations in any school. 

Alex Crossman is Headteacher and Ian Warwick is Chair of the Education Committee at the London Academy of Excellence.
Ch1: Introduction
Ch2: Educational Disadvantage
Ch3: Developing Curriculum
Ch4: Ten Strategies to Achieve Excellence
Ch5: Developing Teaching
Ch6: Pastoral Care
Ch7: Partnerships
Ch8: Destinations
Ch9: Fifteen Strategies to Drive Greater Expectation

Ian Warwick

Originally a teacher in inner city London for 20 years, Ian Warwick founded LG&T in 2003 as part of the groundbreaking London Challenge, which reported directly to the Prime Minister’s Office, and transformed education across the capital city. LG&T has directly worked with well over 5,000 schools and 11,000 teachers internationally and more than 150,000 educators worldwide have used our award winning high challenge e-learning materials.  Ian co-wrote ‘Educating the More Able Student’ and ‘World Class’ in 2016 and two new books on ‘Redefining More Able Education’ written with Ray Speakman in 2018. He has recently... More About Author

Alex Crossman