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Grass-Roots Democracy in India and China

Grass-Roots Democracy in India and China
The Right To Participate

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Manoranjan Mohanty - Council for Social Development and University of Delhi, Delhi, India
  • George Mathew - Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi
  • Richard Baum - University of California, Los Angeles, USA
  • Rong Ma - Institute of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Beijing

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December 2006 | 500 pages | SAGE India
Both India and China have experienced economic changes and growing social consciousness which have generated new challenges for local institutions. This volume closely studies the resultant grass-roots political experiences in these countries from an interdisciplinary perspective. It examines the process of democratisation and highlights the growing demands for participation and the complex power structures interjecting them.

The contributors to this volume discuss issues relating to institutional structures and the dynamics of local governance in a changing socio-economic environment that panchayati raj in India and village committee system in China represent. In addition to the political economy of rural areas, they also focus on the role of gender, caste, class, ethnicity and religion in local political processes.
Manoranjan Mohanty
Introduction: Local Governance, Local Democracy and the Right to Participate
George Mathew
Local Government System in India and China: Learning from Each Other
D. Bandyopadhyay, Saila K Ghosh and Buddhadeb Ghosh
Dependency versus Autonomy: The Identity Crisis of India's Panchayats
Xiaohong Zhou
Rural Political Participation in the Maoist and Post-Mao Periods
Tony Saich and Xuedong Yang
Selecting Within the Rules: Institutional Innovation in China's Governance
Richard Baum and Xin Zhang
'Civil Society' Revisited: The Anatomy of a Rural NGO in Qinghai
Changes in Local Administration and their Impact on Community Life in the Grasslands of Inner Mongolia
Rajendra Vora
Village Panchayats in Maharashtra
T. M. Thomas Isaac
Kerala's People's Plan Campaign 1996-2001: A Critical Assessment
B.S. Bhargava and K. Subha
Panchayati Raj System in Karnataka: Trends and Issues
Kellee S. Tsai
Imperfect Substitutes: The Local Political Economy of Informal Finance and Microfinance in Rural China and India
Fei-Ling Wang
Stratification and Institutional Exclusion in China and India: Administrative Means versus Social Barriers
Bidyut Mohanty
Women and Local Power in India and China
M. Vanamala
Gender, Work and Power in an Andhra Village
David Zweig and Chung Siu Fung
Democracy, Good Governance and Economic Development in Rural China
G.Haragopal and G. Sudarshanam
Grass-roots Democracy: The Working of Panchayati Raj Institutions in Andhra Pradesh
Shengmin Yang
The Environment, the Family and Local Government among the Tajik People
Shaoying He
The Evolution and Function of the Kaxie System of the Lahu People in South-west China
Tanzen Lhundup
Social Change and the Development of Democracy in Local Governance in Tibet
Changjiang Yu
The Party, the Village Committee and the Monastery: Functions and Interactions of Three Institutions at the Grass Roots.
Manoranjan Mohanty and Mark Selden
Reconceptualising Local Democracy: Reflections on Democracy, Power and Resistance in the Indian and Chinese Countryside

This volume is the product of a collaborative research effort by scholars from India, China and the US analysing the experience of grass-roots political processes in India and China in a comparative perspective in the context of theoretical debates relating to participatory democracy.

Social Change

This book is successful to a great extent in examining and evaluating the process of democratiation and highlighting the growing demands for participations and complex power structures.

Development Alternatives

This volume closely studies the resultant grass-roots political experiences in these countries from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Manoranjan Mohanty

Manoranjan Mohanty is a renowned political scientist and China scholar whose writings have focused on theoretical and empirical dimensions of social movements, human rights, the development experience and the regional role of India and China. As Vice-President of the Council for Social Development (CSD) and Editor of CSD’s social science journal Social Change, published by SAGE, he brings a wealth of experience from both policy and practice perspectives. He is also Chairperson, Development Research Institute, Bhubaneswar, and Honorary Fellow, Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS), Delhi. Until 2004, he was Director, Developing Countries... More About Author

George Mathew

George Mathew is Director, Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi. The founder of the Institute of Social Sciences, he has been on the forefront of research on and promotion of democratic decentralisation in India and has taken a leading role in the international forum on federalism. His major publications include Panchayati Raj: From Legislation to Movement (1994, 2002), Communal Road to a Secular Kerala (1990) and Panchayati Raj in Jammu and Kashmir (edited, 1990). He has also produced an award-winning feature film, Swaraj: The Little Republic (2002). More About Author

Richard Baum

Richard Baum is Professor of Political Science, University of California at Los Angeles. He was also the director of the UCLA Center for Chinese Studies (1999–2005). A student of Chinese politics and foreign policy, he has written and edited eight books, including Burying Mao: Chinese Politics in the Age of Deng Xiaoping (1996) and Reform and Reaction in Post-Mao China: The Road to Tiananmen (1990). More About Author

Rong Ma

Rong Ma is Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology and Director, Institute of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Beijing. He is a scholar of ethnic relations, migration, urbanisation, education and rural development. Besides having published a number of articles in various journals, he has authored Introduction to Sociology of Ethnicity (2005) in Chinese, Population and Society in Tibet (1996) and co-edited On Development of China’s Frontier Regions (1993). More About Author

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