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Government Is Us

Government Is Us
Strategies for an Anti-Government Era

February 1998 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
While scepticism about government is an enduring feature of North American political culture, today's climate of anti-government sentiment has grown aggressive and even violent. This volume, made up of a community of prominent voices in public administration theory and practice, examines the current anti-government climate and its effect on the working lives of administrators and their relationships with citizens. It documents the sources of citizen discontent with government; explores its effects upon career civil servants' ability to do their work; and attempts to understand the implications for public administration practice in an anti-government area.
Cheryl Simrell King and Camilla M Stivers
The Anti-Government Era

Camilla M Stivers, Cheryl Simrell King, and Renee Nank
Citizenship and its Discontents
The Political and Economic Context

Ralph Hummel and Camilla M Stivers
Government Isn't Us
The Possibility of Democratic Knowledge in Representative Government

Cheryl Simrell King and Camilla M Stivers
Citizens and Administrators
Roles and Relationships

Cheryl Simrell King and Camilla M Stivers
Strategies for Collaboration

Mary M Timney
Overcoming Administrative Barriers to Citizen Participation
Citizens as Partners, Not Adversaries

Lisa A Zanetti
At the Nexus of State and Civil Society
The Transformative Practice of Public Administration

Walter W Kovalick Jr and Margaret M Kelly
The EPA Seeks Its Voice and Role with Citizens
Evolutionary Engagement

Dolores Foley
We Want Your Input
Dilemmas of Citizen Participation

Richard C Box and Deborah A Sagen
Working with Citizens
Breaking Down Barriers to Citizen Self-Governance

Joseph E Gray and Linda W Chapin
Targeted Community Initiative
`Putting Citizens First!'

Cheryl Simrell King and Camilla M Stivers
Strategies for an Anti-Government Era


Cheryl Simrell King

Camilla M. Stivers

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