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Governing European Diversity

Governing European Diversity

First Edition
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June 2001 | 336 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This text offers a comprehensive overview of both tradition and transformation in the social and cultural relationships at the heart of the political and socio-economic landscape in Europe today. This book will enable students to: distinguish between `processes of governance' and `structures of government' and examine the emergence of new forms of governance and political participation in Europe; evaluate competing sociocultural sources of diversity and unity and the various mechanisms of bottom-up and top-down governance; assess what is meant by `culture' and consider the construction of a `national' identity in Europe; explore the connections between national identity and citizenship and apply different theories of identity to issues of inclusion and exclusion; and consider the prospects for further European integration and expansion and the difficulties in reconciling cultural and social diversity with social cohesion.
Montserrat Guibernau
Unity and Diversity in Europe

James Anderson
The Rise of Regions and Regionalism in Western Europe
Zig Layton-Henry
Migrants, Refugees and Citizenship
Mark J Smith
Social Movements in Europe
The Rise of Environmental Governance

Catherine Lloyd
The Transformation of Family Life and Sexual Politics
Joseph R Llobera
What Unites Europeans?
Denis McQuail
The Media in Europe
Eugene McLaughlin and Karim Murji
Drugs and European Governance
Salvador Giner and Monstserrat Guibernau
One Europe? The Democratic Governance of a Continent


Montserriat Guibernau

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