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Goal Focused Interviewing

Goal Focused Interviewing

Volume: 73
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Group Work | Interviewing

December 1997 | 151 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book presents Frank F Maple's straightforward model for categorizing information elicited from clients, which he has adapted for social work practice with individuals, families and groups, reflecting the movement in social work toward the current need for solution-based and brief therapy.

Techniques for focusing on the competencies rather than the deficiencies of those who seek help and those who give it are emphasized, and readers are given the opportunity to decide upon appropriate interventions at key points of the interview.

Learning Goal Focused Interviewing
Goal Focused Interviewing with an Individual Client
Using Goal Focused Interviewing with Groups
Goal Focused Interviewing with Families
Organizing Information
The Silent Interview
Other Uses of Goal Focused Interviewing
When a Client and a Helper Cannot Transform a Problem into a Goal Statement
A Few Closing Thoughts

Frank Maple

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ISBN: 9780761901808