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Globalization and Labour-Management Relations

Globalization and Labour-Management Relations
Dynamics of Change

First Edition

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Industrial Relations

May 2001 | 344 pages | SAGE Response
This book discusses the changing perspectives and emerging issues in employer-employee relations in the Indian industry consequent to economic liberalization and globalization. It also discusses the role of bipartism and tripartism in the context of structural changes, and the current trends in collective bargaining and shop-floor-level consultation and cooperation.
Historical Analysis of Industrial Relations System in India
Labour-Management Relations in an Era of Globalization
Economic Development and Industrial Relations: The Case of South Asia and South-East Asia
Economic and Social Dimensions of Structural Adjustment
Competitive Industrial Relations Policies in Indian State in Post-Liberalization Era
The Reform Process and Social Dialogue
The Labour Adjustment Process
Aligning Labour Policy and Labour Laws with Economic and Industrial Policies
India and International Labour Standards
Future of Work: New Paradigms in Employment Relations

C S Venkata Ratnam

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ISBN: 9780761994909