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Globalization and Crime

Globalization and Crime

Three Volume Set
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October 2013 | 1 304 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This new major work shines a spotlight on key criminological themes in the study of transnationalism and globalization, and, through a selection of the established literature on the subject along with more contemporary writing, explores how globalization is defined, researched and debated within criminology. In order to do this, the set is broken down into three volumes:

Volume One: Concept, History, Method

Volume Two: Transnational Crime, Deviance and Crime Policy

Volume Three: New Directions in Criminology and Criminal Justice

The three-volume structure enables comprehensive coverage of the historic development of the concept, its key definitional and methodological issues, ample case studies as well as theoretical and normative academic debates. Each volume is framed by its own newly-written introduction which places the selection of articles in context, making this set a truly valuable resource for scholars in the field.

Anthony McGrew
The Globalization Debate
Putting the Advanced Capitalist State in Its Place  
Russell Hogg
Criminology beyond the Nation State
Global Conflicts, Human Rights and 'the New World Disorder'  
Katja Franko Aas
Analyzing a World in Motion
Global Flows Meet 'Criminology of the Other'  
Peter Andreas
Illicit Globalization
Myths, Misconceptions and Historical Lessons  
Paul Knepper
Measuring the Threat of Global Crime
Insights from Research by the League of Nations into the Traffic of Women  
Malcolm Feeley
Enterpreneurs of Punishment
The Legacy of Privatization  
Ben Bowling
Transnational Criminology and the Globalization of Harm Production
Barbara Ehrenreich and Arlie Hochschild
Introduction to Global Woman
Nannies, Maids and Sex Workers in the New Economy  
Nikos Passas
Global Anomie, Dysnomie and Economic Crime
Hidden Consequences of Neo-Liberalism and Globalization in Russia and around the World  
David Friedrichs and Jessica Friedrichs
The World Bank and Crimes of Globalization
A Case Study  
John Muncie
The Globalization of Crime Control
The Case of Youth and Juvenile Justice  
Michael Cavadino and James Dignan
Penal Policy and Political Economy
David Nelken
Comparative Criminal Justice
Beyond Ethnocentrism and Relativism  
Frances Pakes
The Comparative Method in Globalized Criminology
Ulrich Beck
Cosmopolitical Realism
On the Distinction between Cosmopolitanism in Philosophy and the Social Sciences  
Mariana Valverde
Jurisdiction and Scale
Legal 'Technicalities' as Resources for Theory  
Michael Burawoy
Manufacturing the Global
Dick Hobbs
Going down the Glocal
The Local Context of Organized Crime  
Michael Kenney
The Architecture of Drug Trafficking
Network Forms of Organization in the Columbian Cocaine Trade  
Federico Varese
How Mafias Take Advantage of Globalization
The Russian Mafia in Italy  
Ethan Nadelmann
Global Prohibition Regimes
The Evolution of Norms in International Society  
Ulrich Beck
The Terrorist Threat
World Risk Society Revisited  
Gabe Mythen and Sandra Walkate
Criminology and Terrorism
Which Thesis? Risk Society or Governmentality?  
Jude McCulloch and Sharon Pickering
Pre-Crime and Counter-Terrorism?
Didier Bigo
Internal and External Aspects of Security
Leanne Weber and Benjamin Bowling
Valiant Beggars and Global Vagabonds
Select, Eject, Immobilize  
Dario Melossi
'In a Peaceful Life'
Migration and the Crime of Modernity in Europe/Italy  
Mary Bosworth
Subjectivity and Identity in Detention
Punishment and Society in a Global Age  
David Brotherton and Luis Barrios
Displacement and Stigma
The Social-Psychological Crisis of the Deportee  
Jo Doezma
Loose Women or Lost Women? The Re-Emergence of the Myth of White Slavery in Contemporary Discourses of Trafficking in Women
David Wall
Cybercrime and the Culture of Fear
Social Science Fiction(s) and the Production of Knowledge about Cybercrime  
James Sheptycki
The Global Cops Cometh
Reflections on Transnationalization, Knowledge Work and Policing Subculture  
David Lyon
Globalizing Surveillance
Comparative and Sociological Perspectives  
Philip Boyle and Kevin Haggerty
Spectacular Security
Mega-Events and the Security Complex  
Maureen Cain
Orientalism, Occidentalism and the Sociology of Crime
Biko Agozino
Imperialism, Crime and Criminology
Towards the Decolonization of Criminology  
Wayne Morrison
Rethinking Narratives of Penal Change in Global Context
Stanley Cohen
Human Rights and Crimes of the State
The Culture of Denial  
Ruth Jamieson and Kieran McEvoy
State Crime by Proxy and Judicial Othering
Daniel Maier-Katkin, Daniel Mears and Thomas Bernard
Towards a Criminology of Crimes against Humanity
John Hagan, Wenona Raymond-Richmond and Patricia Parker
The Criminology of Genocide
The Death and Rape of Darfur  
Mark Drumbl
Collective Violence and Individual Punishment
The Criminality of Mass Atrocity  
John Braithwaite
Partial Truth and Reconciliation in the Longue Durée
Dirk Van Zyl Smit
Regulation of Prison Conditions
Roger Hood and Carolyn Hoyle
Abolishing the Death Penalty Worldwide
The Impact of a 'New Dynamic'  
Nigel South
A Green Field for Criminology? A Proposal for a Perspective
Reece Walters
Food Crime, Regulation and the Biotech Harvest
Barbara Hudson
Beyond White Man's Justice
Race, Gender and Justice in Late Modernity  

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Katja Franko

Katja Franko Aas is professor in Criminology at the Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law at the University of Oslo. Katja's research has been focused on two related areas: the use of advanced information and communication technologies in contemporary crime control strategies, border controls in particular, and globalization processes and their impact on criminology and criminal justice. She has been involved in several research projects and was among other project leader of Crime Control and Technological Culture, funded by the Norwegian Research Council. She is currently working on the project Crime Control in the Borderlands of... More About Author

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